Smart Woman Academy

I’m Karen Edgar, a qualified personal and business coach and a leading Life Purpose coach and I’ve been exactly where you’re standing. I’m passionate about helping women get clear on who they are and what they want. Why they are here and how to make the best of this one life we have. I love working with life purpose – if you cut me open you like a stick of rock you would see life purpose running through me. I support the women who support others in their life purpose – the coaches, the mentors, the consultants. Those who are making a difference in the world. Because that’s why I think we are here.

I founded my business Smart Woman Academy – because I believe it is a smart woman who realising that her life is not working how she would like, takes action and changes it, so that she is making an impact in the world serving others and fulfilling her calling in the vehicle of her business. That business is service-based and I particularly work with coaches, consultants and therapists.

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