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Whole Woman

Astrology is not a belief system; it is the language of the energetic interplay between universal energy and human beings, between our inner life and external world. It supports your growth in consciousness, self understanding and love by providing a blueprint of current energy patterns, challenge and opportunities. Exploring these universal themes provides insight for your growth and fulfilment, revealing the focus and learning in all areas of your life. Seeing your bigger picture enables conscious choice. Conscious choice ignites creative potential and empowerment. Whole Woman facilitator, Cassandra Eve’s journey of evolution through many major life transitions enables a powerfully deep space to support your life’s fullest potential.

Forth Horizons Coaching

I am a Business and Marketing Coach and Life Coach. I help people to overcome negative self talk and improve self-esteem in the area of Business Marketing, Selling and Lifestyle productivity. I am NLP trained and have over 10 years business experience.

Choices Consulting & Coaching

Through bringing together my many years’ experience of Business Analysis and leadership in successful FTSE 100 companies plus my skills in NLP and coaching I work with busy professionals to create strategies that are proven to work to turn their frustrations, stress and anxiety into a clear focused action plan for achieving their leadership and career development goals.

What I offer

Getting clear on your skills, talents and motivations and use this to create your own personal brand
Developing resilience to handle the challenges of the modern work place
Overcoming the debilitating blockers that are holding you back
Clear and compelling action plan
Tackle confidence and self esteem issues to enable you to shine at work
Put the foundations in place for moving into a leadership role
Mentoring for business analysts

How do I do it:

One to one coaching either face to face or via Skype

My qualifications and experience:

NLP Master practitioner and trainer
NLP4Kids practitioner
Professional clean coach
Coaching diploma
200+hours of one to one coaching
International diploma in Business Analysis
Over 15 years hands on business analysis experience across three industry sectors
10+ years experience as a leader and manager for Business Analysis teams of up to 80 staff

Magdalena Marsden

Creative and practical business support for business owners needing help with practical side of running their businesses. Business planing, social media and website strategies creatively tailored to your business!

Jacqui Malpass / Academy for Authors

I work with entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, coaches, consultants and therapist to support them in creating a personal brand strategy, write and publish a book and online course.

As part of the offering is:-

* 121 book coaching
* Writers retreat in Spain
* 10 week get your book written program
* Turn your book into an online course coaching
* Virtual book tour

120 day program combines the Writer’s Retreat in Spain, 10 week book program, turn your book into a course and a virtual book tour

​I adore working with inspirational people with strong messages. I am passionate about helping you to find your voice with a book & a course which will help to build your personal brand.

Smart Woman Academy

I’m Karen Edgar, a qualified personal and business coach and a leading Life Purpose coach and I’ve been exactly where you’re standing. I’m passionate about helping women get clear on who they are and what they want. Why they are here and how to make the best of this one life we have. I love working with life purpose – if you cut me open you like a stick of rock you would see life purpose running through me. I support the women who support others in their life purpose – the coaches, the mentors, the consultants. Those who are making a difference in the world. Because that’s why I think we are here.

I founded my business Smart Woman Academy – because I believe it is a smart woman who realising that her life is not working how she would like, takes action and changes it, so that she is making an impact in the world serving others and fulfilling her calling in the vehicle of her business. That business is service-based and I particularly work with coaches, consultants and therapists.

Magenta Change Ltd

Are you ready to be your most amazing self?

We will focus in on what you really want and how you will create it. With 25 years experience of working with people to help them make (or lead) all sorts of change – in their personal & professional lives – it’s true to say I work with people who really want to make change happen.

Coaching is an investment – in you. It takes commitment, time, honesty, authenticity and vulnerability. And like every sound investment, it can give you a great return.

Now is your time. No more holding back. Commit to being the success you know you are by getting in touch. Let’s talk soon!

The GameChanger Consultancy

Do you need clarity on your strategy for business growth?

Maybe you want someone to work with you to identify how you can achieve more in your business, and create a workable plan to make it happen?

Or you have a great idea and need to bring it to market quickly and effectively? We can help you with a wealth of experience in technology, innovation and growth.

The GameChanger Consultancy provides elegant solutions to business challenges.

Book a chat now at

*Accredited for the Business Growth Voucher Scheme in the UK. Book your call now – you may be eligible for funding support towards our advice.

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