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Ali’s Therapy Academy
The aim of the Therapy Academy is to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills you’ll need to set up, research, plan, maintain and market a business in the therapy industry. You will also learn to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues.If you visit the site often, you can read my News & Advice page to stay informed on what we’re up to. You can also attend my various workshops, which will be held monthly at The Core, in Bognor.

Are you asking yourself questions like these?

*I am advertising my business. Why am I not getting clients?
*Why don’t I have enough clients to work full time, and really earn a living?
*Am I under-pricing my treatments?
*Who and what is my target market?
*I need to keep track of my customers. How do I build a database?
*What is a music license and do I really need one?

The aim of the Therapy Academy is to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills you’ll need to set up, research, plan, maintain and market a business in the therapy industry. You will also learn to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues.If you visit the site often, you can read my News & Advice page to stay informed on what we’re up to. You can also attend my various workshops, which will be held monthly at The Core, in Bognor.

*ATA Services
You do not have to be in the West Sussex area to be a member of Ali’s Therapy Academy. Membership is available to anyone in the region and indeed the country, as membership is online and access is available for anyone.

*A welcome pack designed to get you into the business mindset
*Holisticpreneur Webzine with hints, tips, suggestions, advice once a month
*Members Only area on Website
*Downloadable and printable templates and guides
*Download ATA 2014 Goal Challenge
*Download ATA 2014 Journal and Planner
*Online members only Resources Directory
*Business Health Check List
*Newsflash emails with articles, web pages, photos, quotes, recommendations anything I see that will help members
*Skype calls
*Audios and videos
*Special members offers from other businesses – graphic design, web design, printers
*Reduced price for workshops
*A private group on Facebook to use as a forum and share with other members*
*1-2-1 support

There are two-hour workshops every month, and these are available for anyone to attend at The Core Business Hub, Bognor, West Sussex.. Look at the News and Events page for more information.

Also available to members and non-members alike:

*1-2-1 Business Review

This is a 1 hour session where we get together (over a coffee – make mine a large one!) or by Skype and go through your business in detail. We go into the reasons why you are running your business and what your aims and goals are…what you are hoping to achieve? We look at your marketing, social media, web presence, advertising, branding and image. I will follow that up with a written report of my recommendations, along with a follow-on discussion with you. If I feel you need expert help, for example with your website with a web designer or that you need to talk to an accountant, I will give you the contacts. I do not know everything, but I can lead you in the right direction, and I will follow up to see how you are getting on and whether you need anything more.

*1-2-1 Business Assistance

If you require more personal and direct help, this may be a good choice for you. You might not know how to set up and build a database, and perhaps need to be shown how to use Microsoft Excel to do it. You may benefit from some help with using your iPad for business. You might want to go back to basics with social media and how or what to say, for your needs – your communication, maybe you want to go through your marketing planner ideas and campaigns etc.

*Colleges and Groups

*One day full workshop –
Running Your Therapy Business – this would cover Setting Up, Marketing, Social Media, Websites, Branding, Advertising, Networking, Looking After Yourself, Databases etc
Including powerpoint presentation and workbook

*Half day work shop

*”The Next Step” ideal for those that are coming to the end of their training!

Workshops – awarded CPD by The Complementary Therapist Association
*Marketing 5 CPD
*Social Media 3CPD
*Database Building 3CPD
*Setting Up Your Business 3CPD
*Networking 3CPD
Including powerpoint presentation and workbook

*Invite me to speak to your groups such as The Federation Of Holistic Therapists or Complementary Therapist Association – 45 minutes to 1 hour
Running Your Therapy Business an overview
Any subject that you would liked covered about business – Marketing, Social Media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Databases, Getting More Clients, Mistakes Therapists Make In Business, etc
Including powerpoint presentation

For more information

I have run my own therapy business Ali’s Holistic Healing Hands since 2000 and since 2002 I have been involved with The Federation of Small Businesses and as Chairman of my branch for 3 years. I have put this experience and interest together to help other therapy businesses. It is difficult on leaving training to find help and knowledge in setting up a business and what to do without it involving the corporate world. I present a gentle approach targeted and specialised in therapies and helping with set up, marketing, advertising, internet, and much more
Angela Watson UK
The Pawz4Thought Programme is where successful leaders develop and promote collaboration, trust, and connection in business and beyond.

The Pawz4Thought Programme is an experiential learning programme where successful leaders develop and promote collaboration, trust, and connection not only in business, but parenting, coaching, communicating..the list is endless.

Why Pawz? Because animals and the way we are with them can teach us much about ourselves and how to handle the modern business environment.

Why Thought? Because when you change the way you think about leadership, the way you lead your business will change.


Angela Watson Coach, Mentor, Supervisor
Leadership Programme
Angela Watson Coach
Best Life Coaching
I help women discover what’s inside themselves so they can create more passion, meaning and connection into their lives.

I help women that feel disconnected and unfulfilled really rediscover what lights them up. They create a life they want and love. Through my positivity and unyielding belief these women become confident and excited about their lives. I offer one to one, group coaching, talks/workshops and a 6 week course.

Best Life Coaching
RG24 8AQ
BOLD Women
Creating opportunities for women to realise their full potential through coaching, workshops, experience days and retreats
07796 158888
Choices Consulting & Coaching
I work with business professionals who are stuck, feeling frustrated and have lost motivation in their current job. Through a combination of personal coaching, mentoring and ongoing support and challenge I help them get clear on their next direction. Together we explore what is holding them back and enable them to achieve their leadership and career development goals in a way that fits in with the life style they desire.

Through bringing together my many years’ experience of Business Analysis and leadership in successful FTSE 100 companies plus my skills in NLP and coaching I work with busy professionals to create strategies that are proven to work to turn their frustrations, stress and anxiety into a clear focused action plan for achieving their leadership and career development goals.

What I offer

Getting clear on your skills, talents and motivations and use this to create your own personal brand
Developing resilience to handle the challenges of the modern work place
Overcoming the debilitating blockers that are holding you back
Clear and compelling action plan
Tackle confidence and self esteem issues to enable you to shine at work
Put the foundations in place for moving into a leadership role
Mentoring for business analysts

How do I do it:

One to one coaching either face to face or via Skype

My qualifications and experience:

NLP Master practitioner and trainer
NLP4Kids practitioner
Professional clean coach
Coaching diploma
200+hours of one to one coaching
International diploma in Business Analysis
Over 15 years hands on business analysis experience across three industry sectors
10+ years experience as a leader and manager for Business Analysis teams of up to 80 staff

Choices Consulting & Coaching
NLP4Teens Hampshire
01183 282 743
CV Essentials
Award winning CV consultant and interview coach

With the current job market looking bleaker than ever, it is said that employers spend no longer than 30 seconds looking at a CV before deciding whether to interview the candidate. You need to make sure those 30 seconds count, and we are here to help.

CV Essentials is an award-winning company with wide experience in management, recruitment, sales and marketing, and we know how to transform a CV to ensure that it stands out from the crowd.

We will present your qualities, skills and experience to ensure your best possible chance of securing that elusive interview.

At CV Essentials, we believe in creating individual, tailor-made CVs to a customer’s requirements. Unlike some CV writing companies, we do not take five minutes to paste your CV into a standard template and charge you for the privilege.

We want you to be happy with your CV – it is, after all, your own personal shop front. As such, no order is signed off without the full approval of the customer. We will work together with you until you are 100% satisfied with your CV.
n addition to CVs, we also offer LinkedIn profile writing, UCAS personal statements and cover letters. We also carry out CV appraisals and a proof-reading service, for people not completely confident in their own written skills, or for whom English is a second language.

We also provide interview and career coaching – please get in touch to find out more and arrange a free call to discuss your needs.

An award-winning and highly sought after CV consultant and interview coach, Joanna Murchie holds a Masters degree from Cambridge University and is passionate about helping people to achieve their dream careers. Before becoming a CV writer, she forged a highly successful corporate career, hiring staff at all levels from school leavers through to senior management.

Joanna is often called on as a CV expert by BBC Radio and has been featured in numerous national newspapers giving CV and interview advice. In 2013 she received a Woman of the Year Award for her CV writing services and was named as one of the Top Ten International “Mumpreneurs” in the UK.
Cygnet Career Counselling
Oliver Dougall
Careers guidance and counselling

For companies looking to support staff through a redundancy situation, individuals looking for a change of career and people thinking of retirement.
Evolve Coaching
Help people using Coaching,NLP, Eft, Hypnosis to improve their confidence and self-esteem.

I am the GTP, how helps people, many professional women to Let Go of Stress and Thrive in the Workplace”. I help them gain confidence and improve their self belief, gain clarity in their lives by understanding the issues and challenges currently preventing them from leading the life they want.
Fiona Barnes Coaching
Creating Confident Careers through Coaching & Development

Are you

• A graduate entering employment for the first time?

• Returning to work after a career break?

• Employed and want to change or develop your career?

• An executive looking to build your leadership skills?

Whatever your situation, I can help you create a

more confident career. I want to help you create your most confident career through coaching and development. I am passionate and committed to supporting individuals to discover and develop their ideal career, at whatever stage they may be in their working lives.
Forth Horizons Coaching
NLP and Life Coach in the area Confidence and Self Esteem

I am a Business and Marketing Coach and Life Coach. I help people to overcome negative self talk and improve self-esteem in the area of Business Marketing, Selling and Lifestyle productivity. I am NLP trained and have over 10 years business experience.

Forth Horizons Coaching
wingwave Coaching
01273 328730