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Step by Step Listening
Practical tools and strategies to work in partnership with others more effectively

At Step by Step Listening we take you through a step by step process to improve your listening skills with the purpose and intent of resourcing you to improve how you learn and work with others. Growing a business is all about partnership and relationships and getting to know new people and to feel really comfortable being yourself can take time. Your skill and ability to create, develop and maintain relationships with potential clients, existing clients, staff, business partners and collaborative or referral partners can be the key to unlocking your full potential to grow your business.
How much time are you wasting each week or day in a state of angst over a conversation that didn’t go well?
Are you finding recruiting or managing a team difficult?
Perhaps you find networking on line or off line frustrating?
Whatever the relationship it will all come down to how you listen and what you hear. Your success will depend on whether you respond or react. If you would like to explore how you can improve listening skills, it won’t cost you anything for a cuppa and a chat. I am always happy to listen and learn what is happening for you. If I am not the right coach for you right now I am likely to know someone I can introduce you to.
01329 286648
PO13 0JA