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Peak Focus Ltd

I am The Time Travelers Pathfinder – do you need to:
save time in your business?
manage your time?
turn back time?
have some down time to recharge your batteries and increase your energy?
I work with your business and you as an individual using a bespoke range of services to help create the changes you need to achieve your specific goals.

Valued Support Services

Whether you are an aspiring NED, an accidental NED or a career NED, Valued Support Services can support and assist you to become the best that you can be.

The GameChanger Consultancy

Do you need clarity on your strategy for business growth?

Maybe you want someone to work with you to identify how you can achieve more in your business, and create a workable plan to make it happen?

Or you have a great idea and need to bring it to market quickly and effectively? We can help you with a wealth of experience in technology, innovation and growth.

The GameChanger Consultancy provides elegant solutions to business challenges.

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*Accredited for the Business Growth Voucher Scheme in the UK. Book your call now – you may be eligible for funding support towards our advice.

Project Management

Assist business owners with projects and tasks that they have no time to do or need help with. Specialising in projects with multiple tasks, diverse teams, third parties or a large amount of information