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Smart-fit Training

Smart-fit Training Ltd began with two people who both share a vision – to inspire others and build a business and life around their true passions. At Smart-fit, we don’t believe in short term, quick fixes but rather a ‘smarter’ way to train – moderation and intelligence are key. We provide accurate, real time data using Polar heart rate monitors to provide fun, motivating and focused workouts that deliver optimum results for everyone. We believe there are 4 components (cores) of physical and mental fitness. Most people tend to focus on one and think they are doing enough. Each type is different and doing a varied combination of them all will give you significantly more benefits.

The GameChanger Consultancy

Do you need clarity on your strategy for business growth?

Maybe you want someone to work with you to identify how you can achieve more in your business, and create a workable plan to make it happen?

Or you have a great idea and need to bring it to market quickly and effectively? We can help you with a wealth of experience in technology, innovation and growth.

The GameChanger Consultancy provides elegant solutions to business challenges.

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*Accredited for the Business Growth Voucher Scheme in the UK. Book your call now – you may be eligible for funding support towards our advice.

Small Business Trainer

Small Business Trainer was set up to work with small business owners to take away the fear of learning something new in their business and to help their businesses grow.

This training can be done in person, via Skype or in 2015 I am holding workshops each month. Also, stay tuned as I am creating a Masterclass Training Club where you will be able to join and have more access to me and more tips and information than I generally provide.

Laughterlines Coaching

Laughterlines Coaching has worked for the last seven years with a variety of businesses, organisations and individuals who want to laugh and play more in everyday life. We provide workshops, team building activities, conference energisers, training, talks and coaching programmes nationwide. Lisa Sturge, director of Laughterlines is the author of ‘The Pocket Book of Laughter’, coach, trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and World Laughter Summit speaker. For further details of individual coaching or laughter workshops coming up please email .

Stand up Stand Out Win Business

We all love a presenter who can make us smile, but have you ever seen someone tell a joke which falls flatter than a steam rollered skunk? There are lovely safe ways to use humour, so let me take your hand and show you how.
Why? Appropriate humour keeps audiences engaged and ensures energy levels remain high.
Most importantly it ensures that it’s YOU that people remember rather than your competitors.
And….after one of workshops, one delegate gained the confidence to joke herself out of a speeding ticket!

But it must be APPROPRIATE… let me show you how…

“Jan’s workshop changed my life. I used to be terrified of presenting; now I happily present in front of audiences of 200+ “