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MSE Fitness

MSE Fitness runs monthly Yoga and Pilates Workshops with a different focus each month. Our most popular workshops are Yoga for Runners and Cyclist and Yoga for Weight Loss which are repeated twice during the year.
Our Newest Workshop (Class) is Yoga In The Sky which is held on the viewing deck of The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. This will be held early in the morning on the last Saturday of the month with the first one on 28th March 2015 – What a fabulous way to start your weekend !

Campfire Communications

I teach small businesses and start ups to tell their business story by learning how to do their own PR, providing them with the PR tools they need like releases, press lists, strategies & plans; plus a full range of copywriting and general marketing services.

Stand up Stand Out Win Business

We all love a presenter who can make us smile, but have you ever seen someone tell a joke which falls flatter than a steam rollered skunk? There are lovely safe ways to use humour, so let me take your hand and show you how.
Why? Appropriate humour keeps audiences engaged and ensures energy levels remain high.
Most importantly it ensures that it’s YOU that people remember rather than your competitors.
And….after one of workshops, one delegate gained the confidence to joke herself out of a speeding ticket!

But it must be APPROPRIATE… let me show you how…

“Jan’s workshop changed my life. I used to be terrified of presenting; now I happily present in front of audiences of 200+ “