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Emma Paxton – Pinboard Meetings
Conference Creator – Meeting Facilitator – Visual Note Taker

Hello I’m Emma and I create and facilitate fun and productive meetings, workshops and conferences.

The word ‘facilitate’ means ‘to make easy’ and that’s what I do – I make it easy for groups to get extraordinary results from their meetings – transforming them from the mundane to the magnificent!

Facilitating thinking…

I make it easy for groups to work together and get from A to B using Pinboard Meeting techniques. Pinboard Meetings are productive, participative and powerful. They are designed around your objectives so they get the results you need and the unique system of visualisation means that everyone contributes to the discussion and to the decision making and you get twice as much done in half the time!

Facilitating learning…

I make it easy for people to gain and share knowledge by designing and hosting interactive workshops and conferences – which turn potentially dull days into engaging learning events. Fun stimulating events where everyone gets involved and contributes their own experience and knowledge and leaves inspired to take action.

Visual harvesting…

I also create hand drawn visual summaries of presentations, webinars and talks. Using a mixture of words and images I listen to what is being said and turn it into a visual representation which can be used as hand-outs or to promote future events.

And I also make it easy for you…

I make sure your objectives are met by working with you to plan your meeting well in advance and I host and manage the event on the day. Freeing yourself from the stress and responsibility of hosting your meeting means that you can fully engage with and absorb what’s going on, you can take part in the discussion, and contribute to the decisions that are made.
0787 668 7741
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