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change your motivation

How to increase motivation when life gets in the way

change your motivationJuggling our work and home life can weigh heavily on us all, especially when something happens in our personal life that demands our full attention. As highlighted in a recent conversation in our WOBS Facebook group, when a family member becomes unwell, a relationship is struggling or someone needs your support – you can guarantee it will happen just as you’re trying to finish an urgent order or clear the existing backlog you’ve already accumulated – meaning a drain on your time and your energy levels.


But it isn’t just unexpected emergencies that can drain your motivation and energy. Having a huge ‘to-do’ list or dealing with lots of ‘have to do’s’ can have the same debilitating effect. Continue reading

3 ways to beat the Post Holiday Blues? (guest post)

image for maria furtek blog sept 2014Have you got the Post Holiday Blues?

I know I have! The kids went back to school yesterday; no more care free days; no more late nights; no more lie ins; no more sunny days on the beach or swimming in the sea; no more drinking wine and lazy BBQ’s – I can feel my energy going down just writing this.
It feels like all the fun is over and it’s back to work; homework; ironing and routine.

If you feel like this too, what can you do to raise your spirits and your mood as you move forward into Autumn?

Firstly, just remind yourself, that the feeling of “flatness” or the “post holiday blues” is actually more common that you probably think. The thoughts of shifting up a gear again after the holidays can initially be quite daunting. However, my experience is that once you get back into the swing of things, it is usually better than you anticipate.

The following tips below may just help your mindset around the post holiday blues:

1) Book in some things in the next few weeks that your really enjoy: it may be seeing a good friend and catching up after the holidays; inviting friends over for dinner and having a bit of a party evening; booking a lovely massage (If you live local to Sutton, Surrey then I’d recommend my colleague: Munira Rasul; or even during the week, stopping work at a reasonable time and watching a “feel good film” or reading a “holiday type book”. Give yourself a bit of a “holiday feeling” during the routine of your week.

2) I know I talk about this an awful lot, but keeping a gratitude journal is also a good way of raising your spirits. Writing down all the good things that are in your life right now, including all the lovely things that you have been doing doing the Summer – this will connect you with all the positive, happy and good things in your life and re-activate some of those feel good memories and feelings too.

3) I am a great believer in living in the present moment –  the power of now! However, at the end of the Summer I often find it really useful to think about and start planning towards all the lovely events and things I love and look forward to in the seasons of Autumn and Winter – things like long walks and kicking up the autumn leaves, to wrapping up warm and being by the sea, to celebrating my son’s birthday (November) to the obvious of Christmas and the festive season. Remembering that each season has it’s own nuggets of gold and joy, can really help me move forward post Summer, with a sense of anticipation and joy.

A guest post by one of the WOBS Business Training Academy members:

Maria Furtek


How Balanced is your Life?

Everyone knows that having a balance in life is important because we can be more content and more alive and really enjoy what we are doing.

The Wheel of Life activity below is a simple and very effective way of showing us how our life is balanced at any particular time.

Wheel of Life Part One

1. Identify 8 (ish!) key areas of your life. (brainstorm a number of issues or key areas in your life that are important for you and choose the 8 most important.)
You could choose from:-

  • career/work
  • personal development and growth (whatever that might mean for you)
  • friends and family (or even into two separate areas)
  • partner or significant other
  • financial
  • spiritual life
  • physical environment (where you are living, how you are living)
  • fun and recreation (this crops up almost as often as career)
  • health and vitality (also crops up almost as often as career)
  • emotional well being
  • social life

2. Now score each area of your life out of 10
10 = you are totally satisfied with this area of your life
1 = where you are less satisfied
If you are very satisfied with an aspect of your life, it would be 10 and if you are less satisfied it would be 1. So, every area of your life is going to be anywhere on that scale of 1-10.wheel web

3. Plot your scores in a blank ‘wheel’ CLICK HERE,  your result shows you the degree to which you are satisfied with your own level of balance in your life. Which are your low spots – the areas you are least satisfied with?

Wheel of Life Part Two

1. Now draw a circle around the first circle and for each segment take some time to think what a ‘10’ would be like – you are starting to look at your goals. For example if you have a segment for ‘Fitness’ – be a little more specific. What would a ‘10’ actually mean for you? Running a marathon? Attending a gym class twice a week?

  • What are you doing that tells you this is a ‘10’? What are you hearing, seeing, feeling that tells you it’s a ‘10’?
  • What do you really want?
  • Because we tend to get what we focus on, you need to ensure any goals you set are stated in positive terms. For example, if you want to be less stressed, turn it round and say you would like to feel relaxed, calm and at peace etc

It’s so easy to lose the sight of a balance in our lives and this exercise very quickly raises awareness. Now for some ‘quick-wins’ to get you motivated; go through each segment and ask yourself what needs to happen to get closer to the ‘10’, and what do I need to do? Write down what you could you do in the next 24-48 hours. What will you do first?