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When Social Media Overwhelms – 7 Strategies to Deal with ‘Am I Good Enough’

NSBAAHMI38 (1) womanm back to usThis was the question recently posted in our WOBS Online Facebook group by one of members – and here is a summary of the advice posted in response.

“As soon as I look at social media I feel low. And it’s not looking at my friend’s holiday snaps that do it. It’s all the biz related stuff. I am bombarded by people / ads all telling me how to be successful and how successful they are. It brings up feelings of not being enough, of failing. I know the simple solution is to not check social media but I have these same feelings when I’m in work mode. Yet I know social media is an integral part of my business. I can tell myself a million times over not to compare but I can’t help it. It just happens.

Tips on dealing with this please. I can’t not be on social media but how do I manage the negative feelings it brings up in me?”

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confrontational situations

How to deal with a potentially confrontational situation

confrontational situationsWe’ve all experienced confrontational situations. Whether it’s in our personal or professional lives, it’s never easy or nice. There will be times when you know in advance of such events, such as work meetings and family gatherings, meaning you can better prepare yourself, but this, unfortunately, isn’t always the case.

So how can you positively deal with a potentially confrontational situation – both before and during the event – without it leaving you upset and emotionally drained? Continue reading

change your motivation

How to increase motivation when life gets in the way

change your motivationJuggling our work and home life can weigh heavily on us all, especially when something happens in our personal life that demands our full attention. As highlighted in a recent conversation in our WOBS Facebook group, when a family member becomes unwell, a relationship is struggling or someone needs your support – you can guarantee it will happen just as you’re trying to finish an urgent order or clear the existing backlog you’ve already accumulated – meaning a drain on your time and your energy levels.


But it isn’t just unexpected emergencies that can drain your motivation and energy. Having a huge ‘to-do’ list or dealing with lots of ‘have to do’s’ can have the same debilitating effect. Continue reading