Clone of Daring Greatly™ 6 Months

Is your business panning out as you had planned for this year?

Now you're well into the year, are you wondering how you can get focus and get back on track?

Did you have plans and aspirations for 2017?

Want clarity about what action to take and have a clear path to your success?

Why do you want to grow your business and why are you finally committed to taking this seriously?

Women On the Business Stage (WOBS®) was founded in 2011 to provide support and development to female entrepreneurs.

Its purpose is to enable more women to step up and progress in their business (and lives generally).

We can all Google “how to do X, Y and Z in business”, but what Google can’t give us is a massive injection and BOOST of self-belief and self-confidence. It also can’t help you get clarity from all the fog and ideas in your head, and it can’t advise you what to do next, or how to go about it.​

That’s where mentoring steps in.​

My group mentoring programme is limited to 8 female business owners who are ready and at the point of knowing they need just that bit more support, challenge and the the odd kick up the .. you know what!  You know you’ve outgrown your current area of comfort, don’t you? ​

"I think this is the beginning of something amazing ... lead the way Claire"

Want the bigger picture first?

  • When?  Half day per month which follows a day or half day business visioning and planning
  • What?  6 monthly meetings, mentoring, coaching, business training and accountability programme
  • Where?  Petersfield, UK
  • How Many?  Maximum of 8 for mega max impact!
  • How Much?  £125 per month
Every Month
  • A workshop each month with Claire to support your growth to Dare Greatly™ in life and business (i.e. stuff that holds you back and continually sabotages your progress)
  • Time for each group member to feedback on progress of last month and hot-seat current challenges, input from myself and the group
  • Built in accountability - at the level you require
  • Weekly goal setting calls - to really keep you on track 
#1: Total SDI

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is the most powerful and effective tool in my coaching tool kit for understanding and influencing the motives that drive behaviours.

The facilitation feedback and your 20-page report will help you understand yourself by helping you understand the motives that drive your behaviours in two different conditions — when things are going well and when you face conflict. By massively increasing self-awareness and interpersonal awareness, your personal effectiveness and interpersonal effectiveness is increased in every area of your life.​

  • Develop the Skills of the Successful Entrepreneur
  • Uncover and understand your blocks around selling, how to identify customer types and what they need from you
  • Your 20-page report will help you understand yourself by helping you understand the motives that drive your behaviours in two different conditions
  • Massively increase self-awareness and interpersonal awareness. Your personal effectiveness and interpersonal effectiveness will increase in every area of your life
  • really
#2: Your Road Map

There is no better way to kick-off your 6 month programme than being absolutely clear where you are heading. The exercises we’ll do will help you identify and clear any blockages, creating real solutions for any challenges you face in your business.

  • Using a "Visioning Timeline" exercise from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) you will harness both sides of your brain – the creative right hand side, and the rational left hand side, and use all your senses to see (and feel, hear etc) to discover what it is that you really want.
  • We'll check check that your head and heart (the two brain hemispheres) are in alignment - and that's so powerful!
  • really
#3: Your Beliefs

If you stop and listen to the voice in your head, your inner critic, you’ll hear it expressing lots of your strongly-held beliefs like, ‘That’s OK for her but I couldn’t do it’, or, ‘I’ll never earn what I want to, or, ‘I can’t do that’. Maybe you are not even aware of an inner critic, but the chances are if you aware at some level that you are holding yourself back there is some self-sabotage going on!

  • We’ll identify any self-limiting beliefs and create new beliefs which support you as you move forward
  • really
#4: Your Talks

It’s my experience that when we first start to speak in public we are just so glad to get through it alive (I know I was!) and don’t give a thought to having any other outcome like selling, list-building, getting donations for charity or even bums on the seats at the local PTA!

After a while when we feel more confident and competent it’s time to think about what outcome do you want from delivering your talk …?

  • I share with you the template and 7 Step Structure I use with my clients so you can do sooo much more than just survive!You will learn a structure which you will refer back to again and again .... and again!
  •  Learn how to engage on a deep level with each and every member of your audience
  •  Answer the 4 questions your audience don’t consciously know they have
  • Have a system that you can use every time you need to plan a talk – even at short notice
  • really
#5: Products/Services


  • Bullet 1
  • really
#6: Compelling Outcomes


  • Bullet 1
  • really

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Working with the TotalSDI is like someone switching on a light that suddenly explains all the mire you have been wading through for years, tells you why you are wading in the way that you are, points you towards the exit, smiles, and says ‘hey, don’t worry, you’re OK and you’re doing fine'.


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Why In Person Meetings?

The online, tech stuff is great, isn't it? It can go quite a way to give us that sense of belonging and connection, but for us to really build confidence, self-value and self-esteem we need real engagement.  The REAL magic happens when we work together in the same room.

Live and Offline, Daring Greatly™ gives you the best of both - powerful, connecting monthly mentoring and training meetings with weekly accountability video calls.

When we are stuck or need to work at a deeper level, nothing comes close to the impact of working face to face 'in real life' with a skilled and experienced coach, mentor and facilitator.

"You just can't do this over the phone or via Skype, I had to be with you, for you to facilitate ... to draw this out of me."​
Claire, your energy was infectious and what a super group of ladies with so much wisdom to offer.... Feeling inspired and blessed to meet you....can't wait until the next one.
Fabulous morning thank you all. It is wonderful to be with truly authentic people to grow and develop with. I am now reflecting, absorbing and actioning.
Thank you Claire for a super useful, inspiring and authentic session today. So much to absorb ... it's taken me until now to find a way to articulate it.
Well what a difference a day makes. This afternoon I postponed what I had in the diary and decided to Just Get On With It. Huge progress made.
Thank you for a wonderfully supportive morning, it has helped me understand even more the work I need to do for and on me this year! Looking forward to next month. Xx
Claire, Thank you for a wonderful morning. It was just the tonic I needed that made me feel normal again and realise I was being harsh on myself as I further forward than I think!
I think this is the beginning of something amazing... lead the way Claire these communities need your messages so very much.

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