Conference Videos (password protected)

Yay you’re IN!


1. How to know which social media sites are right for you and your business

This 22 minute video by Holly Worton is a mini workshop – totally fab!
As Holly says It’s her job as a social media expert to be on all the social media sites not yours!

  • focus on the right people
  • focus on the right places
  • stop wasting time
  • get more done


2. What makes LinkedIn such a great marketing tool? An introduction to LinkedIn

This excellent and highly informative training video from Judy Parsons, our LinkedIn expert is just over 17 minutes long.

Judy takes you through:

  • The benefits of LinkedIn
  • Should you be on LinkedIn
  • How to search for your ideal prospects
  • Do you need to upgrade to the paid version or is the free one ok for you (I’m still on the free version CG)
  • Steps you need to take to generate leads on LinkedIn


3. Tap into Twitter

This 27 minute video, from our Helen Lindop our Delivery Partner for all things Twitter.

Video includes the following:

  • How to keep track of whats going on in twitter
  • How to use # in your marketing
  • How to get the best from twitter chats
  • How to generate leads from twitter
  • Helen also shared the workings of Hootsuite (she’s sharing mad!)


See you on 20th November!