Enhance Your Rooms – draft audit


My name is Claire Godwin and I believe we have a mutual in  Nicky Smith (Riley);  Nicky has recently had a “shower splashback” made by Enhance your Rooms.

nicky bathroom

I popped to see it this weekend and was blown away by it, loved it – what an impact – it’s a mega wow factor!

This led me to check out your web site and social media presence.

Why did I do that? Partly because I am a bit of a nerd but mainly because I love and find small businesses fascinating!

Me? I mentor small business, mainly women in business; I run an on-line mentoing group for women with 1800 members and a paid on-line Business Training Academy for Women in Business I have 12 other experts working with me who provide training content for the paid members.


I spent a couple of hours looking into your on-line presence (Ok it was raining and I was bored 😉  ) and made quite a few notes on areas which, I think could lead to a short and long term improvement in leads and sales.

I would really like to pop and see you and share my findings; no pressure to hire me! My main motivation is to get your fabulous products out there to more people!

For taster of feedback I asked a focus group [to look at your web site and let me know their thoughts:


Social media – your primary platforms are Facebook and Twitter

Feedback on Web site:

  • .fab photography! Personally I don’t like scrolling photos…I just get into an image and it disappears! Also think the ‘ shop’ pages look a little messy..their style doesn’t match the look of the rest of the site. Fab products, already bookmarked and about to send to my interior designer friend! 
  • I’d prefer it if the homepage went straight to the shop because although that homepage looks fab, I couldn’t see what they sell and I had to look around for a link that would take me to what they sell. It looks like a site put together by someone with a good eye for graphic design, but I think they could benefit from running it past a copywriter and someone who knows about website usability and conversions
  • I found it quite slow to load (but that maybe down to my broadband), and like Helen I found it difficult to navigate. I also thought it was very busy. The products look fab though.
  • No data capture/lead magnet that I saw either
  • Stunning product – we’d be proud to have these on xxxxxx!!! Found the site very slow and not that easy to navigate. Prices!!!! I could only see how much things were once added to the cart – I definitely think they should be more prominent! Great stuff though so a big Well Done….I know from bitter experience how hard it is to get to the stage your friend has !
  • Like others have said – fab products and stunning images but the site navigation is poor and confusing and the site is way too slow to load.
  • Initial impression was wow but then it quickly went away as the pages were slow to load. When I got into the shop I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t follow the same theme as the homepage and navigation was difficult. The scroll bar down the sideneeds to be more obvious too. Once I had scrolled down the page I couldn’t then get back up as the header menu was in the way! Prices need to be immediately available. View Cart and Checkout need to be more obvious (maybe also in red). No information on postage – would I need to go all the way through to payment before I get told how much to post? As someone else has pointed out, great design but perhaps not thought about from a user perspective?


Social Media

  • Facebook

Current facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GetAcrylics does not reflect or best promote the products on the web site and thus is a wasted opportunity

  • Image shows a new draft page
    EYR facebook screen capt