Entrepreneurs Monthly Mentoring
and Masterminding

Petersfield Area 

Are you going round and around in circles, wasting money and time and to make matters worse you don't seem to be getting very far – apart from flipping frustrated!

That’s where mentoring comes in ...

You've probably given serious consideration to throwing in the towel, you know you need a mentor in your corner, giving you the support you need, the boost of belief in you when yours has gone AWOL in fear!

My group mentoring programme is limited to 6 female business owners who are ready and at the point of knowing they need just that bit more support, challenge and the the odd kick up the .. you know what! 

I'm in your corner believing in you, cheering you on - yep and challenging you too!

Who is it for?

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    Firstly, you have been freelance, had have your own business probably for over 2 years now
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    You are pretty clear on who your target market is - maybe still tweaking a bit as you progress and evolve 
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    You know what it is your ideal client needs -I'm not too keen on the 'tapping into their pain' stuff but it does say what's in the tin doesn't it!
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    Basically you know a lot, maybe too much at times and it's overwhelming isn't it
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    You are at a turning point and as one client put it " I am literally properly scared - I really need to 'not wriggle out of getting stuff done'"
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    You are are ready to break free from the fear of change - let's be frank, you've had enough of the faffing times and need more focus time!
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    Dare  say what's in my mind? You want to get s**t done! 

Why attend?

You don't need to listen to me! After all I know I can work magic with you!

What do current and previous members say on why they attend and why they recommend this group to you?

Catherine with the horses


I made the meetings a fixture - I moved / shifted other commitments and prioritised these meetings to be able to attend .

Catherine Daley

Equine Assisted Learning and Well Being at The Herd Centre

They said ..

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    I couldn’t wriggle out of not doing stuff
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    I gained confidence in my ability
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    I liked being held accountable
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    I got stuff done which was often different to what I thought I’d get done …. It evolved
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    Liked the expertise in the group and learning from others
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    Claire keeps us on track - Ms Whiplash – in a kind way! 
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    The regular, monthly meetings kept momentum going
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    I was kept accountable as opposed to bumbling along
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    Knowing I am not alone and can still do it my way
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    The openness – was stripped bare at times; and this was OK

be prepared ...

to be challenged!

What's Included and the details

  • group
    6 half days of action learning, group masterminding and business related training
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    Support from me in our private Face-book forum - just us, 6 plus moi!
  • phone
    A one to one call with me which you can take at any time (value £90)
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    Free membership with all the benefits of WOBS Plus -on-line coaching and mentoring group (value £30 per month for the duration of your attendance of this mentoring group)
  • laptop
    Weekly goal setting calls - to really keep you on track (part of the additional WOBS Plus  membership
  • wrench
    Access to all my leadership, public speaking etc etc  tools - previous members really valued this
  • ME Claire, Leadership Coach and Mentor - in your corner, on your case, believing in you, cheering you on - £ Priceless when you hits those times when your own self-belief and confidence goes AWOL - which it has a habit of doing when we start to step up!

Where and When?

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    Penns Place, Petersfield GU31 4EX
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    Free car parking
  • calendar
    ​Second Wednesday of each month - starting on 11th  October 2017
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    £75 per month for 2017-2018 group (discounted for current WOBS Plus members)
  • Hi there, I'm Claire Godwin - Leadership Coach, Business Mentor and Facilitator. I founded Women On the Business Stage (WOBS®) in 2011 to provide support and development to female entrepreneurs. I wanted to level out the playing field to enable more women  to step up and progress in their business (and lives generally) Read more here about why I started WOBS
    Every Month

    • Time for each group member to feedback on progress on last month and hot-seat current challenges, input from myself and the group
    • Built in accountability - at the level you require
    • Weekly goal setting calls - to really keep you on track (free membership of WOBS + Coaching and Mentoring for the duration of your attendance)

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    Comments from 2016 Daring Greatly Group

    Comments from 2016 Group

    Fabulous morning thank you all. It is wonderful to be with truly authentic people to grow and develop with. I am now reflecting, absorbing and actioning.
    Thank you Claire for a super useful, inspiring and authentic session today. So much to absorb ... it's taken me until now to find a way to articulate it.
    Fantastic morning, thank you!!!
    Well what a difference a day makes. This afternoon I postponed what I had in the diary and decided to Just Get On With It. Huge progress made.
    Thank you for a wonderfully supportive morning, it has helped me understand even more the work I need to do for and on me this year! Looking forward to next month. Xx
    Great meeting this morning! Thank you all for your support.
    Claire, Thank you for a wonderful morning. It was just the tonic I needed that made me feel normal again and realise I was being harsh on myself as I further forward than I think!
    Claire, your energy was infectious and what a super group of ladies with so much wisdom to offer.... Feeling inspired and blessed to meet you....can't wait until the next one.
    I think this is the beginning of something amazing... lead the way Claire these communities need your messages so very much.