Get past the “gate keepers” with LinkedIn

I can’t get past the gate keepers” she explained which had me jumping up and down in my seat. “Have you tried LinkedIn?” I said. No was her answer.

judy parsonsJudy Parsons is a LinkedIn Marketing Coach & Author Helping Business Owners Use LinkedIn To Get More Leads & More Clients In Less Time, as  well as the Delivery Partner in the WOBS Business Training Academy

I did my first speaking gig last week at a networking event introducing the attendees to the wonders of LinkedIn for small businesses. During the general introduction session one of the attendees was telling the group about a particular problem she had getting in front of her target audience.

I can’t get past the gate keepers” she explained which had me jumping up and down in my seat. “Have you tried LinkedIn?” I said. No was her answer.

One of the reasons I find LinkedIn so exciting is that it’s one big database – at last count there were 15 million profiles on LinkedIn in the UK alone. When I worked as a marketing manager buying in data for marketing campaigns always represented a key marketing expense.

Yet with LinkedIn, you have at your fingertips access and the tools to search this big database . . . for free! It never ceases to amaze me at the opportunities and potential LinkedIn gives us . . . if done in the right way of course.

So how can you use LinkedIn to help you get past your gatekeepers and in front of your ideal client?

First of all always keep top of mind that LinkedIn is the equivalent of face to face networking online and therefore if you wouldn’t do it face to face don’t do it on LinkedIn.

1. Start by creating a client focused LinkedIn profile – when you start being active on LinkedIn it will drive visitors back to your profile so make sure you are giving your potential prospects the right impression.

2. Build your social network by connecting with your clients, prospects, suppliers, partners, people you network with etc.

3. Use the LinkedIn Advanced Search function to find people around a particular keyword. Filter your searches to get a lovely targeted list and then save them so you don’t have to keep re-running the search. LinkedIn even tells you when you have new people in your list who meet your search criteria!

4. Leverage your connections . . . who do you already know that could introduce you to the person you want to meet? This is far and away the best way to connect and build relationships on LinkedIn

5. LinkedIn groups – a gathering of like-minded people in one place. There are over 2 million groups on LinkedIn and we can join up to 50. Use the 80/20 rule. 80% of the groups you join should be where your ideal clients hang out.

6. Drive people back to you – share your content on LinkedIn. Being active on LinkedIn helps to drive more traffic back to your profile and also your website so helps you get found online by your clients looking for solutions to problems that you can solve.

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Teresa - January 28, 2015 Reply

Excellent advice Judy which I am working on! I am spending more and more time in Linked In and exploring more and more of the potential. Thank you for a very informative post. I would also thoroughly recommend Women on the Business Stage and the Business Training Academy to any woman reading this. The knowledge and advice I am gaining is invaluable and I am seeing real results in my business.

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