Getting a J.O.B. is an investment not a sign of failure

business-money-pink-coinsDoes getting a J.O.B. mean you are a failure as an entrepreneur and business owner?

Twice a month I run group coaching and mentoring calls in the WOBS Plus Coaching and Mentoring and members can drop in at any time during the 90 minute sessions to ask for help on any topic in their business and this week was no exception with the variety of topics:

  • Self Value
  • Client boundaries
  • Creating a ring bound workbook and music DVD
  • Garage Band (music creation software)
  • and the stigma around getting a J.O.B – which is the topic of todays brief post.

Many entrepreneurs I know, experience at some time or other cash flow challenges (that’s the polite way to say it!) and it can be a tough this to share publicly – there is a fine line to walk, isn’t there, between being real and authentic (not making out on social media that you are skipping along in the daisies at all time) and letting folk into your world which, like most of us isn’t a perfect place (well not all the time!)

The last thing we want to do is for our potential clients to lose faith in us – and there-in lies this very understandable barrier and stigma.

So there we were on this week’s group call and one BTA member expressed that in order to grow their business they needed to outsource some of the work they didnt like doing, which also took them way too long and thus kept them away from their core business.

Trouble was they didn’t have the cash flow to pay someone else so they were applying for part-time roles in order to recruit and pay for the support they needed in order to grow their business.

It was a light bulb moment for many of the members on the call; so often, for so many of us, we dare not mention we are looking for, or actually already have a J.O.B. to supplement the income from our businesses – this was a real paradigm shift, a fabulous reframe which was packed full of postitiveness and not seen in any way, shape or form as a failure, in fact 100% the opposite.  Taking action, short-term to bring in additional funds to grow your business – hats off I say!

To recognise you need to make changes in order to grow your business is a very entrepreneurial skill and one that needs to be applauded.

The calls held every other monday are confidential, not recorded and numbers are limited which means members do open up and share a lot more than their successes (we do that too!) and you know what that means?

It means members feel safe to open up, to share vulnerabilities, to really feel like we are all ‘in this together’  and by doing so find the support, courage and resources and options to go forth and Dare Greatly™ to carry on making their difference their way – hurrah!

Our WOBS members use our Facebook group as a major part of their support and advice networks – and you too, can benefit from that help and support, by taking out a free one-month trial. Find out more & get your first month free.

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