Welcome to Women On the Business Stage – WOBS®

I am in the process of upgrading this site – so some things may look odd 😉

If you have arrived here you are probably a female business owner, leader or entrepreneur with a life purpose and message and a desire to make your difference in the world.

WOBS® is a community of difference makers, and as I am the founder of WOBS I would say that it is fast becoming THE place on-line to learn and grow – we’re all about collaboration, learning and growing – oh and of course earning money doing what we love!

Is WOBS for you?

YES – that’s if you would like help to grow your existing business (or help knowing how on earth to start a new one!) so that you can share what you love and earn money too!

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WOBS Mission ...

… is to support women to achieve their potential in business, politics and society by minimising and eliminating the barriers they face and by creating and maintaining a safe non-judgemental space for women to nurture and empower each other.

“When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life” Kofi Annan