How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Event or Webinar

LinkedIn can be an excellent social media tool for those that work with other professional people. It can also however, be a confusing tool – especially when you want to promote an event or webinar and the ‘events’ option is no longer available!

LinkedIn logoFollowing on from a recent question in the WOBS Facebook group, I thought it would be really useful to share the steps needed to promote your events and webinars on LinkedIn, as originally detailed by our very own WOBS LinkedIn trainer and marketer Judy Parsons.

Write a LinkedIn blog post

Create an informative and educational blog post and publish it on LinkedIn. As with any blog, you’ll need to include a call to action, detailing what you want readers to do – and in this instance, you want to direct them to where they can get extra information and sign up to your event.

Update your status

Once you’ve published the post on LinkedIn, you’ll want to share the link to it on your status. It’s important to remember though, you don’t want to post it too often, otherwise you’ll turn away potential attendees. Look to start posting once a week, for the two or three weeks prior to your event and change the wording slightly, so you’re not just duplicating the same status over and over.

Get active in the discussion groups

Find groups that are relevant for your target audience, niche and/or the vicinity of your event and get active! Look to take part in general discussions, share your knowledge, share your LinkedIn post and mention you’re hosting an event or webinar link – you can then share the link to encourage sign-ups.

Remember your LinkedIn company page

It’s a good idea to post on your LinkedIn Company page too, so repost your original LinkedIn blog post on here.

Email contacts direct

LinkedIn gives you the ability to send out personal email messages to up to 50 connections at a time, making it super easy to direct email key contacts. However, if you’re using this option, make sure you personalise the emails, as again, you don’t want to look like a spammer.

Remember it takes time

As with any other marketing and promotional activity, promoting on LinkedIn takes time and effort. However, if you put in the work now, you’ll reap the rewards later, including an increase in sign-ups and attendees at your events, as well as boosting your profile and brand long after the event is over.

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