How to write an irresistible event invitation

irresistable event invite image5 steps to a great invitation

  1.  Always start with the end in mind –
    • What do you want to achieve from this event?
    • What do you want your participants to achieve? – how do you want them to feel and what do you want them to do differently?
  2. Think about your target audience and their learning styles
  3. Gather all your information together – start with lots of information then edit it down and pull out the key information
  4. Complete the proforma below to get you started
  5. When you finish your first draft put it down for a day and go back and read it afresh, email yourself a copy and test it on friends and colleagues

23 sales and writing tips to get bums on seats at your event

  1. Clearly explain who this event is aimed at – be as specific as possible so that your target audience know this is the event for them
  2. Make sure your invitation is benefit laden and not feature driven
  3. Think about why people might choose not to attend and take away their fears or concerns
  4. Use lots of ‘yous’, you will learn, you will take away, you will benefit from, after this event you will be able to
  5. Stress what is new, different and unique about your event – what makes your event better than the competition
  6. Use short, easy to read words and phrases
  7. Write in the style of your target audience, use words they will recognise
  8. ‘Feel their pain’ and explain how this event is going to make their lives better
  9. Use short paragraphs with sub headings, bullet points and lists
  10. Make it easy for your customer to buy – one click to an online booking page, book via a trusted site such as eventbrite, or pick up the phone to a real person who will take your details over the phone
  11. Include testimonials – for this programme if you have run it previously and if not use the words ‘praise for xyz as a speaker or organisation
  12. The Do – Get principle – do this and you will get
  13. The cost of not attending – what you will be missing out on
  14. Include photos of the speakers and information about them to position them as the experts
  15. Invite questions for the presenters to include in the programme
  16. Pricing – include early bird discounts or ‘bring your team/friends’ discounts for bulk buying
  17. Offer a money back guarantee
  18. State what the price includes, eg 8 hours of training plus lunch and refreshments, a full training manual to take away, access to the online Q&A, etc etc
  19. Invite questions to the speakers to incorporate into the programme
  20. If you are writing an email then include a PS. With a call to action or your USP
  21. Make sure you have a ‘call to action’ what do you want them to do next?  Call, email or book online? Be direct and tell them what to do!
  22. Give full event information, venue, timings, how to book
  23. Clearly state how to contact you for more information

 One final tip…

Look out for great event invitations, ask yourself what is it that makes them so good, what caught your eye or made you think ‘hmmm I like the sound of that’ – keep them in an ideas file and refer to them when you need inspiration for your invites.

How to write an irresistable event invitation – event invite template

A guest post by one of the WOBS Business Training Academy Delivery Partners

Emma Paxton  from Pinboard Meetings

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