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Describe your business

My business has been slowly morphing over the last 6 months and continues to change as I write. What I do is support people to reconnect with their true nature and not the one that has been taken on through the expectations of others and to be in full expression of themselves despite what life throws at them.

How does a consultation with you work?

I invite my clients to don their wellies and dress for being outdoors and join me and a herd of four amazing healing horses in a field near Petersfield.

Together in the presence of nature and the horses we explore various aspects of wellbeing. The horses support this work as they are a living breathing embodiment of being present and respond to the emotional and felt sense of whoever is in their environment – they are like a dynamic representation of what is happening even when clients may not know what is going on for them.

Through their natural ability to be present to everything the horses provide an experiential connected mind and body learning experience that clients relish as their new learning is not just recognised on a rational thinking level but also felt deep within their bodies and it is this felt sense that they take away with them.

Who do you work with?

I work with people who have been experiencing anything from mild anxiety to full blown panic attacks and this ranges from women who run their own business who get an attack of the nerves at networking events through to survivors of physical and emotional violence to military veterans who are experiencing emotional numbness, disrupted sleep, physical pain and post traumatic stress disorder.

Going forward I would also like to work with children with special educational needs, autism and who might be facing or are already excluded from school.

What did you do before?

Before the horses came into my work I practised as a craniosacral therapist, which is something I still do alongside the work with the herd. Prior to that I ran a personalised gift company creating engraved glass gifts for special occasions. And before that and the arrival of my three children I was a product manager for a large global manufacturer of toilet roll.

What have been the biggest challenges of running your business?

Knowing what it was I actually wanted to be doing.

What's in the pipeline for you?

I am putting all of my focus on developing The Herd Centre for equine assisted wellbeing and learning. Currently I am looking to find a more permanent base for the herd so I can create a wellbeing hub somewhere in the countryside around Petersfield. A website and facebook page are all in development along with various programs and offers.

What are you proud of?

Sticking with the uncomfortableness of not knowing what I truly wanted to be offering and not going back to a desk based job working for someone else. It has been quite some years in the making to get to this point here and now it is in full flow and that feels great.

What advice would you offer wannabe entrepreneurs?

If you feel true passion for what you are doing or want to do then stick with it and seek out help for you own personal development. At the end of the day most often it is ourselves that hold us back and everything else is just excuses.

Catherine's contact information

Catherine Daley

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Catherine is a member of WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring Click link to find out more.

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