For the woman who longs to build a gorgeous, colourful, ‘take you anywhere’ wardrobe of clothes and for the woman who longs to BECOME A STYLIST herself.

Jane has over 10 years experience as a Colour Consultant and Stylist, and it was a natural progression for her to teach and mentor new and aspiring stylists and also to guide them through to starting their own businesses.

Jane has been a valued member of WOBS since day one - one of the founding members in fact, which makes it even more fabulous to feature her fabulous work here.

Describe your business

With ten years experience helping women build a gorgeous, colourful, ‘take you anywhere’ wardrobe of clothes, it has been a natural and organic transition to train new and aspiring stylists and to coach and mentor them as they start their own colour and style businesses.

My training is independent, free spirited and for the woman who long to become an independent stylist herself; free to work without the constraint of franchise or licence - exactly as she chooses. I teach how I've worked with my own clients - intuitively and with my own slant and experience on the tried and tested colour and styling theories.

How does a consultation with you work?

I offer face to face training, distance training or a mix of both. Plus I have a guest room available,  at no additional charge, for those travelling distance to train with me.

Colour Analysis, Body Shape and Personal Style - each consists of ten modules. Each discipline is delivered over ten half days or five full days and spaced to allow the trainee to complete interesting projects and case studies.

Distance learners receive monthly modules at their own pace with follow up phone calls, projects and case studies filling the gap between modules.

Who do you work with?

Free spirited, independent, aspiring stylists of all ages with:

  • A passion for clothes and styling
  • A real interest in colour
  • Natural flair and style
  • An eye for detail
  • Her own sense of style
  • A love to help others
  • The ability to imagine the transformation in others
  • A desire to make a difference

What did you do before?

How long have you got?!

Banker, Full time mum juggling: Flower and Interior Design business, Self Build home.

When the children were older: Manager of Sue Ryder charity shop, Special needs support worker.

What have been the biggest challenges of running your business?

Having sole responsibility and having lots of lovely clients but no colleagues.

What's in the pipeline for you?

1. Making the conscious transition from working 1:1 with colour and style clients to training aspiring stylists.

2. Coaching and mentoring new and aspiring stylists - also those that have, perhaps, been trained elsewhere and are looking to grow their existing businesses.

3. Consolidate my Free Range Women in Business networking and growth group and, having been approached by members, formally offer start up business owners and the newly self employed, both business coaching/ mentoring and clarity/confidence coaching.

4. Clarity and confidence coaching for women and their personal lives - it has been a natural flow to add coaching to my skill set over the years for existing colour and style clients - I'd LOVE to do more of this work so I am offering this as a stand alone service.

What are you proud of?

1. Leaving behind the corporate world at 26 to become self employed and work around being a full time mum.

2. Taking the leap of faith to follow my heart and create DRESS REHEARSAL and, now, Life is no DRESS REHEARSAL.

3. Making a difference to a client's confidence and the 'ripple effect' - her life, her relationships, her happiness; colour and style changes lives!

What advice would you offer wannabe entrepreneurs?

Follow your dreams, trust your intuition, do what you LOVE and build a network of like minded others around you.

Jane's contact information

Website: ​

Phone: 01329 667308 or 07742 816435.





Jane is a member of WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring Click link to find out more.

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