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Describe your business

I am The Book Mentor, and I work with business owners who want to write a book that will help them to build their business.

My business name is Librotas. This is an etymology (a made up word), which stems from two words: Libro - latin forbook - and Liberas - meaning freedom.

My clients find that through writing their book, it helps them to build their profile and credibility, reach more people, and get more business, speaking engagements, and clients. I help my clients to understand their strengths and knowledge, and to embrace and own this expertise. This enables helps them to change lives through their wisdom, and gives them the confidence to get their message out to the people who need to hear it. I work with clients through the whole process of writing a book, starting with their idea, and support them each step of the way to help them to write, publish and market it successfully.

What makes me different from other book mentors is that I help my clients to use their book as a business building tool. We work on aspects like their message,their target market, and how they can leverage their time through products and programmes, alongside supporting them with their book.I've also written and published four books myself; I started my first in 2009 (published in 2011) and I'm currently working on my fifth! I've also contributed to seven other business books to date, as well as helping my clients to publish their own books.

How does a consultation with you work?

One of the questions that I love to ask people is this: What do you want to get known for? It is the question that you need to know the answer to if you're going to write the right book for your business.

When someone has a consultation with me, I find out more about the client and their book idea. As well as providing some insights, I want to find out how I can support them to achieve their ultimate dream of publishing their book.

The reason why I do what I do is because I didn't know where to start when I wrote and published my first book, and I want to make it easy for my clients.

Of course, if I feel I can help the client, I will tell them how I work, which can be anything from getting a copy of my third book, Your Book is the Hook, which goes through my six step process, an online programme, writing event or retreat, or working with me one-to- one where I take them through the whole process, so that they end with a published book that supports their business.

Who do you work with?

Karen Williams
  • Typically my clients are coaches, consultants, therapists and other business owners who have a service rather than product based business.
  • They typically have a lot of knowledge and expertise to share. To date this has included many coaches, accountants, therapists, nutritionists, trainers, and a PR expert.
  • My clients usually have an established business, where they have started to gain a good reputation in their industry, and they're looking to write a book to build their credibility and stand out.
  • They may be writing a non-fiction 'self-help' or 'how to' book, and a couple of my clients are using their life story to inspire others.

What did you do before?

I've been in business 10 years this November 2016 and it's been a journey!

I started out as a career coach. My background is in Human Resources and Training in the corporate world, and this was the natural niche to pursue once I set up my coaching business.

When I published my first book in 2011, it put me and my business on the map. I also started working with coaches who were where I was in 2006. I helped them through the process of setting up and growing their business.

Then in 2014, I was approached by many people who asked for my help to write a book, and responded to the request by supporting them. I re-branded as Librotas at the beginning of this year.

What's in the pipeline for you?

I love to travel as well as running my business, and blending the two is the perfect thing for me. I have clients all around the world, so this means plenty of trips for book launch parties, and my team and I run book writing and marketing events in Portsmouth and Edinburgh, and an annual writing retreat in Spain. I've also been approached to run workshops on a writing cruise in the Caribbean in 2017 which is very exciting!

I'm working on my fifth book right now, with ideas for book six and seven on the horizon for 2017. I want to be able to support more business owners who want to write a brilliant business building book!

What are you proud of?

I'm proud of finally finishing and publishing my fourth book, The Mouse That Roars, earlier this year. Writing it was tough as it is about my story and journey into entrepreneurship, and it is pretty much warts and all.

When you're sharing your story and being real, it's a vulnerable place to be, but I felt that I had an important message to share. I want to encourage more business owners to tell their story, and when your passion is bigger than your fear, then it's time to tell your story.

What advice would you offer wannabe entrepreneurs?

Just do it. Yes I've had my ups and downs in the last 10 years, but I don'y regret a single moment. The most important thing is to get clear on your ideal client, where they need your help, and how you can reach them. Oh and write a book of course!

Karen's contact information

Karen Williams, The Book Mentor - Librotas


Facebook: @librotas

Twitter: @librotas


Karen is a member of WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring Click link to find out more.

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