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Sue Terry show us how we can use the Tarot, a traditional and ancient tool, to gain inspiration, insight and support, in order to help us live a better and easier life, in the 21st century.

Sue Terry - Tarot on the Hill

Sue Terry of ‘Tarot on the Hill’ on providing inspiration, insight and support for her clients

Describe your business

My business is Tarot on the Hill, based in Harrow on the Hill in NW London; I provide Tarot card readings in person and by email. My aim is to help you gain insight and inspiration for changing your life and provide support as you implement your actions.

I have lived with, studied and practiced Tarot myself for over 30 years. I believe that the Tarot offers us a practical handbook for modern living; bringing wisdom and insight developed since historical times to help us live better, with more ease, in the 21st century.

Despite some of the adverse portrayals of Tarot readers online, I’m a ‘unicorn-free zone’: I’m incredibly serious about my work, but I do it with a smile and a relaxed attitude that I hope you’ll find welcoming.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a creative project, a business decision, a new relationship, or a big life change, the Tarot can help you – and in real, everyday terms, not through some dodgy ‘secret process’ off the Internet.

How does a Tarot consultation with you work?

I have a straightforward approach to my readings, with a down to earth attitude. People sometimes say, ‘it’s fortune telling, right? Aren’t you getting messages from spirits when you do this? Isn’t it all a bit weird?’

I don’t claim to be a psychic reader, although I do draw on my intuition as well as my extensive learning and training in my readings. It’s my mission to show you that there’s nothing deeply weird, spooky or inherently dangerous in Tarot – despite what Hollywood might try to suggest!

A Tarot consultation is around 30 minutes to an hour and it’s a practical way of ‘taking stock’, gaining valuable insights into your current situation, your own motivations and those of others involved. It reveals options for your way ahead; preparing you to make the decisions and take the action you need to implement change.

I find it helpful as:

  • a way to structure and organise thoughts,
  • a source of psychological insight,
  • a process for exploring and testing possible outcomes of current actions,
  • a tool for changing our behaviour – which, in itself, is often the key to changing your life.

I found that Tarot offers me everything within 78 small cards – practical guidance, history, mythology, magic, meditation and much more. I love to share these rich resources and benefits with others!

For those, like me, who want to go more deeply into other areas, such as spiritual self-development, the Tarot is supremely useful for self-study; assisting in revealing aspects of your inner self, helping you to connect to your higher purpose, or to follow a specific spiritual path. I can help you explore the richness that the Tarot offers here.

What did you do before Tarot on the Hill?

My professional background is in housing and social care. Over a long career, I’ve done most things relating to property and management; providing help and support to people living in difficult circumstances; coaching and training staff working under tremendous pressure; business development; getting practical things done!

Everything I’ve done has been focused on people, helping them to transform themselves and their situation. Working closely with people in stressful situations has formed my ethical approach to working with clients: they are always at the heart of everything I do. My work with the Tarot has always flowed alongside that: it’s a natural complement.

What have been the biggest challenges of running your business?

Making the change to self-employment in the first place was a challenge – a completely new way of life outside the formal ‘nine to five’ – but it continues to be exciting, challenging and rewarding in ways I didn’t foresee.

Developing a business based in something very different from my professional consultancy has required me to think and act in new ways, particularly around clients:  reaching out to new people effectively, but also finding ways to interact with my existing networks and clients that enable me to introduce them to the benefits of what I do now.

What’s in the pipeline the year ahead?

It’s going to be a busy year for me, with several projects in development – it’s looking increasingly like a period when the Tarot card 8 of Pentacles will be at the forefront of my life–bringing hard work and new skills! Some of what’s ahead includes:

  • Running my own workshops and giving training on aspects of the Tarot and how it can be a great catalyst for personal transformation.
  • Regular consultations in a select, central London venue.
  • Increasing my skills at blogging and social media!

What are you most proud of?

The feedback from clients that has completely validated my efforts– it has convinced me of the value of what I do, for others and for myself; and my unique approach, which has evolved from just being myself!

What advice would you offer wannabe entrepreneurs?

Be confident in what you know, do and are good at. Never assume that everyone else already knows what you know and can do what you do – they don’t and can’t – which are two good reasons for them to hire you and benefit from your expertise!

Sue’s contact information:

Sue Terry – Tarot on the Hill

Website: (currently under construction, but coming soon!)



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