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sent 28th July 2014

Overview of content

  • Complementary 30 minute Coaching / Mentoring calls with me
  • First Google Hangout on Air
  • 7 places remaining on Group Mentoring with me
Good afternoon to you!
Well, I hope you had a good weekend – I had a jolly good one with a boogie on Saturday night at the local pub who had a charity event on (just feel sorry for me son who had to watch his Mum, Dad and step-mum dancing away to the sounds!
.. and I actually went on a date with a man – shock horror huh!
I have become aware how much a ‘put myself out there’ for my business but not for my ‘love life’ – maybe its the same for you, or maybe you need a helping hand and support to be able to step up in your business and get brave!
In order for me to get to know you better (and to support you with a helping hand)  I will be opening up my dairy from time to time to offer members a 30 min complementary Skype or phone chat which you can use to get clarity or pick my brains.
The first 5 of these sessions is Thursday 31st July click here to book yours – I look forward to getting to find out more about you and how we can be even more effective at supporting you in your business and personal growth.
Kerry Ann-Orr and I held the first WOBS BTA Google on air hangout last week; talk about a learning curve! Lots was discussed including some fabulous new ideas for you as a valued Business Training Academy member.
The link is here – hmm I wouldnt say it was essential viewing!
BUT we will be adding more learning instructions to running google hangouts on air which WILL be essential viewing!

7 places remaining on my Business BOOSTING Group Mentoring
The 2014 / 2015 group mentoring programme is limited to 8 female business owners who are ready and at the point of knowing they need just that bit more support, challenge and the the odd kick up the .. you know what!
1 full day and 6 half days with support inbetween and me on your business case!!
  to reserve your place saving nearly £2000
Hope all well and do keep me posted on progress!