One-on-One Business Clinics

I am trialing 2 hour “One-on-One Business Clinics” 

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Why? Because WOBS is growing and fast becoming THE place on-line to learn and grow and I want to be able to work with more of you, to really getting stuck in, and this can only really happen in smaller groups or one-one-one where I can get into your head (eek I know!) share your goals, find out what holds you back and hold your hand as you step up and step out.

You can book these as a one off or discounted package of 6 (mix andmatch if you like skype and face to face)

This is for you:

If you would like help to grow your existing business or start a new one so that you can share what you love and earn money too! (yippeee!) Ready to Stand Out and Grow Your Business!

It’s a bit like a recipe; I combine very practical business skills, tools & knowledge, jolly good doses of self-belief and confidence with public speaking and I really do believe with added knowledge and confidence combined with a mentor in your corner you can achieve more than you ever thought possible and feel GREAT at the same time!


You can meet me at my home in Hamsphire or via Skype where you can work with me on your business for an intensive 2 hours.

These are just a few areas that people ask me for help:

  • Writing a talk
  • Designing a workshop
  • Speaking in Public
  • How to stucture a talk to make an offer
  • General anxiety about speaking
  • Want to ‘show up more’ and have a greater presence  in your business
  • Your Marketing Messages
  • Your Networking Talks
  • Massive Mind Set Work, self-belief and confidence
  • A mix of any of the above and clarity from general overwhelm of  “aaaaghh what the hello do I do next!”