For now a brief overview of info which I will add to


I have compiled some Q&A's, if your question isn't amongst those below please ask me.

What date do the regional groups start?

As soon as you have a venue and can get going - we can and will talk along the way of course! As we said on the call on 10th May I hope to link the first regional group launch with WOBS Online becoming a free space. Not, you dont need to be 'launch ready' just need to have an area (a region!)

Can you sum up for me what's it all about?

As you are probably already aware, there has been a call from WOBS members, over the past 2 years to have off line meetings - in fact over 66% of those who responded to the WOBS Annual Review said they wanted this opportunity.

  • 3 hour meetings
  • You find location - we are talking accessible / affordable here - keeping cost down and value high
  • New members can attend 2 meetings as guest, after that they pay joining fee of £40
  • You set the monthly fee for your regional which for most regions will be between £5 and £8. London locations I anticipate max £20 due to massive increase in location costs.
  • No minimum sign up for members (I did think about this and I know very successful model which works PAYG
  • Members will have a regional Facebook group which you will run plus they have access to WOBS Online

Will there be a licensing fee or franchise for me to buy into

No. I did consider this - ie an upfront fee to cover the investment in training, development and support for RA's. Have since changed my model to be much more like the ..... WI, in that leaders do not have to fork out up front.

What support can I expect from you Claire?

The RA will have facebook group support from me plus I anticipate monthly zoom calls to keep abreast of whats happening for yo.

With a new location launch RA will need additional support pre and post launch - this 'need' will vary per person and I am flexible with this.

What will the attendees pay?

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Can you sum up the benefits of becoming a WOBS Regional Ambassador?

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Can you sum up the benefits of attending a WOBS Regional meet for members?

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Will there be a set structure to the to the regional meetings?

Yes - more to follow - ie template of what I have been using in Hampshire.

Is there a table where I can see and compare what's on offer?

Yes! It's below and I hope it gives a lot of clarity - that was my intention 🙂

WOBS Online



£15 per month​**

Offer price ~  until 30th June

or until max numbers have been reached

 WOBS Online Facebook Forum *

Ask any question (business or personal development related) *

Listing in Business Directory *

Promote Events during #WOBSWED *

Tweets Retweeted *

 Live Fortnightly Coaching & Mentoring Calls

Access to smaller WOBS+ Facebook forum

 Access to growing business training videos

Access to training with business experts

Create and Promote your events (in both groups)

Facebook live broadcast in WOBS+  to ask for advice / tips / reviews

Your Blog featured

Opportunity to run webinars in both groups

Be a "Member in the Spotlight" Q&A

First to hear about events and grab the early sparrow tickets!

* Options available to WOBS members who are currently on annual payment basis.

** One off offer to all current WOBS Online members. Ends on  ..