Over time I am adding development resources to this page aka The Good Stuff!

I do hope you find useful.

Life Balance Wheel / Life Balance Wheel of Life! 

Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life activity is a simple and very effective way of showing us how our life is balanced at any particular time.

Discovering what you want1

Use the ‘Miracle Question’ in this activity to discover what you really want.

Personal Values Exercise

Discover your values - they guide you

Values are like a compass for our life - how aware are you of yours?

Assertiveness Inventory

Developing Assertiveness

Assess your current level of assertiveness and set development goals.

Assess your hidden 'drivers'

The 5 TA Drivers

Recognise your hidden drivers in yourself and others - who says you have to be perfect, be strong, please others, try hard, hurry up ... ?

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