Hello - it is 2016 is it not? - so why am I hearing so many women saying they are overwhelmed and that the men in their lives are not sharing the additional work that this festive time of year brings?

Sorry, not sorry for sounding sexist -  oh but hang on, it can't be sexist when it's based upon facts can it?

Men think they do equal work at home, when facts show otherwise

The disconnect among men about how much they’re doing around the house may lay in the fact that women are much more likely to do mental work Source 

Ah ha "mental work" ...

I was chatting with a friend last week, where I likened Christmas to weddings and I am going to blame her now for this blog - she encouraged me to share this and I must admit I did get a little carried away since she said that - cos at the time it was all of one sentence.

It's a bit of fun - tongue partly in cheek, please do feel free to print these words, make changes and pass onto your significant other.

Warning - contains nuts and a few words of the swearing variety ... 

NB - any likeness to my ex or my friends is purely coincidental.


Christmas reminds me of our wedding day,  in that so much work goes into one day; you invest so much energy, time, thought, planning and love into creating an amazing time for everyone  it may seem, like our wedding day, that I just turn up - put down my pint in the pub and head to meet you in church.

Like our wedding day,  I thought I had helped out. I had input into the seating plan and  made sure the best man and ushers had their suit fittings and yes I did find it stressful - you remember how hard it was to choose my best man, didn’t want to offend one of my best mates …

So when you started to get all stressie, and that one amazing flounce you had where you burnt all the ‘fucking invites’ I have to admit I didn’t really *get it*. I thought bloody hell, I’m stressed too!

And then, on the day of our wedding, everything seemed to flow, it was magic, magical, but it wasn’t magic was it? All those weeks and months where you invested so much energy, time, thought, planning and love into creating an amazing day … paid off .

All  of all of a sudden, I got it, by jove I got it! I got what you had been creating; the church, the flowers, the food,  where our guests could stay, the colour 'theme' - OK I did get involved with that one, but to be honest I did start to think,  its one bloody day darling and and what the hell are those shrouds covering the chairs in the reception hall?!

Darling,  what I am trying to say is that I have got complacent over the years, every year I think, "oh gawd it’s Christmas,  she’s got one on her again", cos like our weddingI forget just how much it means to you to look after everyone and make it a special day,  and every Christmas day its like WOW this is amazing and everything seems to flow … it’s magic .. magical … but it isn’t magic is it …

I know I’m a bit late to the party this year, so next year, maybe October or  November'ish lets go away to a spa, or a city break (or the pub!) and you can let me know what I can do, give me a list, cos I need it spelt out. I. I know I am not allowed near the tree decs ever again and I get that (tbh I don’t really get that but I do remember that year ‘treegate’, I call it where I had a go with the baubles – and you shouted ‘for fucks sake cant you see you can’t put those colours on the tree together’ – since then I do give the tree a wide berth in case I move a branch ..

No I am not just saying this cos I’d like a shag before March next year .. although I did read that research that men who do 50% of housework etc get more sex …. So ….. darling …."

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Callie - December 21, 2016 Reply

Hilarious – but also spot-on. It isn’t magic and it does take huge amounts of effort (that, to be fair, usually falls primarily on the woman’s shoulders) but I do sit back when it comes to Christmas food shopping – Beloved does that! merry Chrimbo to you all x

Claire Godwin - December 21, 2016 Reply

Callie, glad you found funny.

Can be a tough time for many, this time of year cant it – so I thought a little humour might help (along with a message 😉 )

Wishing you a fabulous festive time too Cx

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