Business and Personal Development Webinars and Videos

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* Business Audit aka have you got the foundations in place to build on? Where are the gaps?
* Niche Marketing
* Facebook basic settings for your Facebook Business Page
* How to know which social media sites are right for you and your business
* Introduction to LinkedIn
* Three biggest mistakes you may be making on LinkedIn
* Get more clients saying 'YES' without being 'salesy'
* Tap into Twitter
* Create any Talk in Minutes
* Product and Services Staircase (low level to high aka Your Business Model
* How to become a media STAR
* Create high content events and SELL them out
* Create a work space that works for you
* Business and Home Insurance - all questions answered
* Getting started with on-line courses
* Systems and Routines to help you grow your business
* Spend less time in overwhelm and more time getting stuff done
* Wheel of Life (Sept 2016)
* Intellectual Property
* WordPress Surgery with Jean Maund
* Eliciting your Core Values  - and is your business in line with them?
* ​Whole Brain Goal Setting using  P.A.C.E.R. model (Sept 2016)
* ​How I Got 21K View on My YouTube Channel with Helen Lindop
* ​Introducing the new LinkedIn Desktop Interface - April 2017