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It can be a very lonely, exhausting and unnerving world, when you run your own business … but being a part of WOBS Online has really helped me to deal with the isolation and the brain-fugue that can pop up occasionally.

So for all my lovely female friends who run their own business … come join us!

WOBS Online is FREE and a safe and supportive place for all women in business to ask ANY question which stands in the way of personal and professional growth and progress – here is the link: http://bit.ly/WOBS-ONLINE . Callie Carling

I love that WOBS is REAL. No arty farty stuff (which I can’t bear)……anyway here it is again because I mean every word…………… I used to be a member of several “women in business” Facebook groups. WOBS is so different in so many ways. I know that when I ask a question in here, I am going to get genuine support and honest, solid advice from women who know what they are talking about, and genuinely care. There are no hidden agendas, no-one trying to sell me something or recruit me into their team, or give me a “there, there” and an inspirational quote. I have since left all the other groups I belonged to as I felt they offered no value. Well done Claire and thank you for creating something quite unique. JM

From my perspective, the ROI comes from interacting regularly with the WOBette community, and sharing our experiences + inspiration + advice + feedback. #WOBSwed is a teensy part of the whole deal; I’d much prefer to give my money and business to someone I have connected with at a personal level, rather than just clicking through on a link that shared during a brief 3 hour window. I am able to tap into such a rich resource of knowledge, experience and visionary action) x C Carling

Honestly, girls! I’m in a few female business women support groups, but WOBS are the very best! HIGHLY recommended. The support is fabulous and a great bunch of awesome women. L Adamson-Brown

Accountability, Helpful advice, keeps me motivated, meet like minded female business owners. C Hunter

For the supportive atmosphere, practical help and opportunities to share what I know to others. G Carter

I joined because being a woman in business can feel like being on a deserted island sometimes. Here (in WOBS) I can find out about biz options facing other women with a lot of the same or similar challenges. Keeps me sane, informed and inspired. C Wilhelm

I’m a member in other FB groups that are part of the paid membership and I get way more value and support in WOBs. xx CT

I joined because WOBS offers the most supportive and practical advice on every business related question and is helping me to drive my business forward. It is inspirational and the combined experience in the group is fantastic. T Trangmar

I was introduced by my dear friend SM who suggested that the passion I have for growing my business into new levels could be assisted by becoming a member of WOBS. R HM

To be in the presence of experienced people. I like the posts, the questions and the chairing of the group. It is something around accountability and where my business confidence can grow safety. L Holyoak

Sharing ideas and problems or challenges should I say! L Pearce

Inspiration, advice and motivation in a supportive atmosphere. J Barrett

I’ve found business opportunities through WOBS. M Collier Talago

Answer: Because most free ones are useless! HL

I joined because of the supportive, non competitive ethos. Good to connect with like-minded women across the UK. L Huckle

To ‘meet’ like minded ladies with similar concerns, worries and values. J Weston

I agree with all of the above and have begun to pay extra for services of members. It’s great to be able to sit back and watch the more regular contributions to see where there is someone who can help, as well as give and receive support. It’s about the info contributions and support in this group. Definitely. MK


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