Women On the Business Stage (WOBS) was created by Claire Godwin to support women in business, to help remove the barriers to business growth, provide support, inspiration and cheerleading.

WOBS Online? – a place to showcase you and your business via an amazing and growing directory oh and this group – Can you imagine being able to ask any question you need an answer to, questions that hold you back from growing your business … and which is full of motivated women just like you … we know it’s not always like that!

WOBS On-Line Facebook group is a safe place to ask any question and the space is primarily a learning and sharing place.

Collaboration not Competition

We want this group to empower and encourage each other.

THIS IS A PROMOTION FREE GROUP  except between 10am and 8pm every Wednesday when you are welcome and encouraged to share your blogs, make offers, testimonials etc (please do not share other facebook groups within WOBS)


  • Ask any question, including polls and research. Polls and surveys must be for the genuine purpose of gathering information and therefore do not ask members for their email addresses (not for list building)
  • Answer any question posed by members
  • If someone asks a question and it is in your area of business you may state this (no links please)
  • Share a success for example your name in print an award etc – and let us cheer you on!
  • Say Thank You to a WOBS member who has given you great service or help
  • Post tips etc that are not connected to your business for example “hey I’ve just found this amazing online accounting package and it’s free for small businesses” – get my drift!


  • Post blogs
  • Post adverts
  • Ask for ‘likes’
  • Start ‘liking ladders’
  • Ask for votes
  • Post links to other Facebook groups
  • Share statuses that you have posted elsewhere 
  • Post motivation quotes etc. (whilst they are great we want to keep the timeline free to see members questions)

PLUS, most days there will be a theme for you to comment under (of course you can still post any questions in the time line too!)

These ideas are not set in stone and will change to reflect the needs of the group, trends etc

Monday ~ Monday Motivation – what’s got you all motivated this week?
Tuesday AM~ Tackle it Tuesday – facing a challenge this week? Share it here for group support.
Wednesday ~ WOBS Wednesday – woop!
Thursday ~ Thriving Thursday (share your Well-Being Tips)
Friday ~ Fanfare Friday – share what you are proud of this week
Saturday ~ No pinned post
Sunday ~ No pinned post

 The above is subject to changes to reflect the needs of the group, trends etc

Oh and here is a short video which gives WOBS ‘history’