WOBS® + Coaching

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WOBS+ gives access to fortnightly Coaching, Accountability and Mentoring for female business owners who are ready (and know they need to) invest more time, not just in their business development but on themselves too.

  • You want to do it your way;
  • Work for yourself - doing what you love;
  • And you also want to earn money too!

My name is Claire Godwin and I committed to helping you to achieve this - doesn't it make your soul sing when you are showing up in the world 'doing your thing'!

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'WOBS has evolved into much more than speaking opportunities, which was its original aim. It now has on and off-line mentoring, coaching and masterminding programmes for women in business to have the confidence, beliefs, skills and mega support to grow their business and lives'

‘Five years ago I set up WOBS as I was so frustrated with the all-malespeaker panels I saw at events. I kept wondering where all the womenwere, so I decided to do something about it,’ Claire explains. ‘I wantedto give women the encouragement and support they needed to claimthe spotlight, helping them grow their confidence, skills and earnings.’

N.B: You may have heard of the WOBS Businesss Training Academy (WOBS BTA), which has been in operation since 2014 and has evolved into WOBS+ Coaching.