WOBS On-Line Membership

Welcome to Women On the Business Stage – WOBS

Imagine for a moment an on-line mentoring group (and that’s a free bonus!) which is a safe place to ask any question you need an answer to and which was full of motivated women just like you …
women who have days and weeks of fabulousness and other times … the complete opposite!


Is this you?

  • You like to do things your way – your life, your difference, your way!
  • You have your own business, just started it, thinking about starting one or have got a bit stuck or overwhelmed (or both!)?
  • You love what you do and want to share it but there are times when you just want to throw the towel in!
  • You are all “googled out”! There is so much that you can get for free on-line isnt there and you need to know how it applies to you?
  • You sometimes feel different to your friends and family who have ‘proper’ jobs and to be able to mix with like-minded women who ‘get you’ would be fab!
  • You need to be able to dip in and ask that niggling question (and the bigger ones too!) to get the clarity and move on from overwhelm and agghh confusion?!
  • You love business but get a little jaded with the BS? 😉

WOBS is growing and fast becoming THE place on-line to learn and grow – we’re about collaboration, learning and growing – oh and of course earning money doing what we love!

Entry is FREE for a month trial – so yes, you could join, pay absolutely nothing, download and watch a training video  (mid Jan 2015) on the key things you need to have in place in your business in order to grow, ask lots of questions on loads of topics and areas you are stuck on – and leave.

I wont stop you, in fact I will be glad we were able to help you. Mind you, I would be even happier if you felt so supported by myself, the team and members that you never wanted to leave!

And what if you decide to stay?

Your investment in yourself and your business (and in the other members too) is a whopping £3 per month. Yep I know, I’ve made it a silly price on purpose!

After all, our aim is to ensure all women have access to a supportive environment where barriers to success are eliminated or reduced as much as possible.

What’s on offer?

  • Bonus FREE Access to WOBS On-Line Facebook Mentoring Group
  • WOBS On-Line Facebook Mentoring Group is a promotion free group
  • Ask any question – YES! your questions about your business
  • Opportunity to share your offers and promotions every Wednesday for 3 hours between 10am and 1pm plus support to create offers etc
  • Each week on a Wednesday (WOBS Wednesday) you have the opportunity  and are encouraged to ‘Share and Shine’ – by posting your offers, blogs etc with maybe a special discount for WOBS members (not compulsory!)
  • Your WOBS Wednesday posts will be RT’d when you tweet @WOBSHQ using #WOBS and use between 70 and 120 characters (that’s the optimum to make it easy and encourage others to RT you)
  • Ask any question in the group that is standing in your way of business and / or personal growth – and remember – the only daft question is the one you don’t ask!
  • Immediate download of training video and worksheet (Mid Jan 20150 “Have you got your business foundations in place”
  • Ask any question on your business and Claire and team will get back to you within 2 ‘working days’ usually before
  • Premium Business Listing in Directory, which is open to the public which maximises exposure  (current value £40)
    • 10+ Images
    • Searchable
    • Customer reviews / ratings can be addedGet Listed (2)
    • SEO friendly (yoast) – get higher up in google searches
    • Display physical location using Google Maps
    • Upload PDF’s
    • Location based searches
  • Any 4 and 5 star reviews you receive from the WOBS Business Directory will be posted in the group, on the WOBS Facebook page and also tweeted to ensure you get maximum visibility
  • You can of course answer questions as well as ask them – this is especially valuable because each time you offer your expertise your visibility and profile are raised and you get seen as a helpful person – and people buy from people they like … get my point?!
  • Coming mid 2015 is the WOBS Magazine which we are developing as an additional platform for WOBS members to showcase their businesses, services and products.

YES PLEASE – Start my FREE trial NOW!

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OR …

YES PLEASE – Annual Payments £30


I very much look forward to supporting your growth and on-line presence – excited? I know I am!

best wishes