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I've been feeling for some time that I want to reach more women in business - it's my BIG WHY - and feedback from my recent survey suggests that being part of a wider audience would benefit members in terms of sharing their work, their message and their wares.

I also know from the survey that many are blossoming within the current smaller, more intimate group and hope it stays that way......

So ... how to balance both needs and to leave space for the growth of WOBS Offline and the regional groups?

I've come up with something I feel ticks all boxes:
  • Reverting the WOBS Facebook group to a free resource, increasing numbers, sharing and opportunities
  • Offering the small and intimate WOBS+ for just 100 members at £15.00 per month (price increases to £67 per month after the offer period)
  • Providing the space and focus to build WOBS Offline - locally and countrywide
  • Make myself available for more 1:1 deeper lever coaching and mentoring. and leadership development
  • And still have time for my SDAS/equality work, Harry, dancing and tracking down that elusive gorgeous guy who's just waiting to meet me! *grin*

It's still my BIG WHY today and I'd love you to join me in reaching more and more women across the country who have SO much talent, passion and purpose for it to lay hidden and untapped.

Together we can support each other, make our difference to the world and a difference to our own lives by living and working on our terms.

"The only thing that is constant is change" Heraclitus

I have compiled some Q&A's, if your question isn't amongst those below please ask me.

What date does this start?

On 1st  July 2016 WOBS Online will be free to new members. In reality, members joining now will not be asked to pay.

What are the benefits to me of having a bigger new free WOBS Online group?

With a growing membership in the new free WOBS Online group; you will, overtime, have a much larger group to 'share your wares' to', thus potentially more opportunity to build your business.

And of course more members offering their support and expertise when members ask questions. How I see it is, more members = more ideas, tips and support!

In the recent survey over 50% of members have made 1 or more purchases from other WOBS members. Trusting relationships are built in WOBS and that won't change.

The recent survey also showed that nearly 70% of current members would like to have the opportunity to attend a WOBS Regional Offline meeting and I believe that growing WOBS will be fundamental to the success of Regional Groups.

What will the new free WOBS Online group offer?

It's probably easier to look at the table below - which gives (I hope) a clear visual of whats on offer in the new free WOBS Online group.

What will the new free WOBS Online not offer?

It's probably easier to look at the table below - which gives (I hope) a clear visual of whats on offer and not on offer in the new free WOBS Online group.

Are you removing features from the new free WOBS Online?

Many current members will hardly notice any difference apart from WOBS Online is likely to grow in membership. To enable this to happen I have removed some features and the table below shows what is included and not included.

I've paid my annual fee, what are my options?

Option 1: You want to join WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring?  To ensure you are a good match for this opportunity and to ensure you don't miss out you simply need to Register your Interest under this post - or contact me directly to guarantee your place (numbers are limited to 100) and your new membership payments of £15 per month will start on 1st September 2016. There is no minimum sign up period and you can leave at any time. You can then sit back and enjoy being a member of a high value coaching and mentoring group at a massively discounted price (usual membership is £67 per month)  which is a "Thank You" from me for your on-going support and loyalty.

You can of course opt for option 2 below - but once the numbers in WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring reach 100 I will have to close the doors (I made this committment to the current members).

Option 2: You don't want to join WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring? You will belong to the new free WOBS Online group and, the smaller WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring group. Membership of both groups will continue until the end of your current annual payment. 

I will cancel your annual recurring membership for you and you can remain a member of the new free WOBS Online group for as long as you wish to remain.

If you look at the table below, you have access to all those options with an  * next to them until your annual membership expires.

I'm paying monthly, what are my options?

Option 1: You want to join WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring, you will start to pay the £15 per month membership on 1st July and I will cancel your old WOBS Online recurring monthly membership. Here is the link to set up payments and confirming your place in WOBS+

Option 2: You dont want to join WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring. You will stay in the new free WOBS Online group and I will cancel your next and future monthly payments.

Will the location / URL change for the new free WOBS Online?

The new free WOBS Online group's location will no change - which means we will not lose previous Q&A threads.

Tell me more about WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring?

Access to live video calls with Claire Godwin, an expert and highly experienced business and leadership coach and mentor.

Current WOBS+ members tell me, that as well as the live coaching calls they really value the smaller (WOBS+)  forum when they are, testing out new projects, new ways of 'being' and are not ready yet to share and 'expose' with larger groups. It's more intimate and 'safer'.

WOBS+ members love to make the most of the larger, WOBS Online group for the promotional, networking and support and as WOBS Online grows, as it will, the benefits of both will become far greater.

So, WOBS+ members have the benefit of the larger WOBS online to network in, to  ask for tips plus the benefit and 'safety' a small forum gives (plus of course 2 live coaching calls per month)

WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring,  provides members with online live coaching / mentoring calls plus a library of business and personal development training videos.

​The £15 per month limited offer to current WOBS Online members is by application only to ensure we have a group full of wonderful wobs wanting to stretch and be stretched!

Tag me in WOBS Online to register your interest. Or email me

Who would get the most out of WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring

You must be ready for support and to take action.

Yes of course you are likely to have periods of in-action - but its quite likely at those times there is plenty of 'thinking action' ​going on and it's usually at 4 am.

AT these times it's often THE most vital times to have support as you weave your way forwards.

  • Having some success in your business and you now want more consistent results
  • Feeling like you have hit the ceiling of change and get stuck at times knowing how to move forwards
  • You need a regular injection of motivation plus someone to hold you accountable, to take the more consistent actions that lead to more consistent results
  • You just know that to get different results you need to change but don't know how (or maybe you do know but need that additional combination of push and support - after all it's tough to be brave on your own isn't it?)

How do the coaching calls work? Is it all generic with the potentially whole 100 in each video call?

WOBS+ currently has approximately 30 members, many of those are 'founding members' who joined at launch 2 years ago at our annual conference.

Of those 30, we currently have a maximum of around 6 (that's 20%) attend the group calls:

· WOBS+ members raise their questions and issues as and when they crop up, they don't save them for the call. With a previous coach of mine, who didn't have an on-line forum, so I made a note of my questions and saved them up for our video call.

· So, a lot of the questions/issues you would usually present in a coaching call with a coach get raised by members as and when, which means no frustrating waiting time, you get answers and support when you need it and members get 'coached' by me (and other WOBS+ members too!) on a constant basis, rather than just squidged into a 90 minute call twice a month.

· Many of the current WOBS+ members have been in business quite a while and have less of a need for the calls WOBS+ members. I anticipate a higher take up rate with the new intake of WOBS+ members and one option is that members can book a time slot. Currently, with the small numbers on the calls, I check in with each person why they are on the call - ie do they need 'hotspot' time - some members attend the calls to get a kick start to the week, to connect with the members for real - for some it seems a great start to the week and really gets them motivated.

· At the moment I do not have a formal process - this is intentional. I have many ideas and will develop this within the first 2 month with the higher membership numbers, to ensure I am meeting the needs of members.

Will this launch offer be available later if I don't sign up now?

No, this mega discounted offer is a one-off. The membership price will revert back to £67 per month. I will do other offers but they will NEVER be as as low as £15 per month.

If I join WOBS+ at the £15 per month offer will my monthly fee ever go up?

No is the simple answer - this is a one-off offer and once you join WOBS+ at that monthly rate there will be no increase for you - ever!

Wow - this sounds like an amazing opportunity - how to I join WOBS+?

By application ... tag me and say "yes WOBS+!"

Did WOBS+ Coaching and Mentoring used to be called WOBS Business Training Academy (WOBS BTA)

Yes. When I launched WOBS BTA 2 years ago, the focus was more on business training than it is now.  There is so much business training (hard skills) on the internet now that  members were getting more and more value from developing the softer skills;  the essential strengths and characteristics of sucessful entrepreneurs and utilising WOBS Online for more of the hard skills- Facebook Ads, techy skills etc.

Will you still be in the new free WOBS Online group Claire?

I will be in the new free WOBS Online group yes, but not as much as I am at the moment. In the longer term the free WOBS Online group will be managed a lot more by my admin team and Regional Ambassadors. Once it's a free group it will grow bigger, I won't have as much time time to dedicate as I do now (at the moment I read every post even if I do not respond to all posts).

Will there a maximum number in WOBS+?

I always promised the current members that the WOBS + Coaching & Mentoring (was WOBS BTA) would have a maximum of 100 members and I shall keep to that.

Will there a maximum number in the new free WOBS Online?

At the moment I do not anticipate having a maximum number in the new free WOBS Online group. When I closed the old free WOBS facebook group we had grown to 2000 members withing a few months.

Is there a table where I can see and compare what's on offer?

Yes! It's below and I hope it gives a lot of clarity - that was my intention 🙂

WOBS Online



£15 per month​**

Offer price ~  until 30th June (then reverts to £67 per month) 

(or until max numbers have been reached)

 WOBS Online Facebook Forum *

Ask any question (business or personal development related) *

Listing in Business Directory *

Promote Events during #WOBSWED *

Tweets Retweeted *

 Live Fortnightly Coaching & Mentoring Calls

Access to smaller WOBS+ Facebook forum

 Access to growing business training videos

Access to training with business experts

Create and Promote your events (in both groups)

Facebook live broadcast in WOBS+  to ask for advice / tips / reviews

Your Blog featured

Opportunity to run webinars in both groups

Be a "Member in the Spotlight" Q&A

First to hear about events and grab the early sparrow tickets!

* Options available to WOBS members who are currently on annual payment basis.

** One off offer to all current WOBS Online members. Ends on 30th June 2016

Tag me in WOBS Online to register your interest. Or email me

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