WOBS® Online

Female business owner, leader or entrepreneur with a life purpose and message and a desire to make your difference in the world?  Stay right there!

Imagine for a moment an on-line mentoring group, which is a safe place to ask any question you need an answer to and which is full of motivated women just like you … women who have days and weeks of fabulousness and other times … the complete opposite!.

WOBS is becoming THE place on-line to learn and grow – we’re about collaboration, learning and growing – oh and of course earning money doing what you love!

Hello, my name is Claire Godwin and I started WOBS®  2011 in response to the lack of female speakers at conferences .

What started in 2011 with speaking and confidence programs evolved into on and off line coaching. mentoring and mindset options.

Is WOBS for you?

Yes if you find yourself nodding to 2 or more of these:

  • You absolutley love the freedom to do things your way?
  • You do love what you but there are times when you could happily throw the towel in?
  • You get all 'googled out' - there is just sooo much info out there that you find it hard to know which bits apply to you?
  • Friends and loved ones sometimes look at you as if you were a little odd (please don't let me alone on this one!)
  • You'd love a place you could pop into and ask that niggling question, as and when it pops up and know you are certain to get practical advice, tips and support?

Look no further (as the founder of WOBS® I would say that wouldn't I!) Read what 'they' say here ...

Entry is free  - so yes, you can pop in and ask any ... in fact all of those questions that stand in the way of your business and personal development.

"I joined because WOBS offers the most supportive and practical advice on every business related question and is helping me to drive my business forward. It is inspirational and the combined experience in the group is fantastic." TT
"Well Claire Godwin ... I do believe that once again I have justified my yearly subscription to WOBS (now it's FREE again!)  with just one question! Thank you again to you all for your help and honesty, which has been EXTREMELY helpful! JM

What's on offer?

 Business Direcory

Your business listed in a SEO friendly business directory. Get found online for the services you offer (this alone is valued at £40 per year!). It’s open to the public, searchable, SEO friendly and YOUR chance to share your business profile AND your customer reviews with a wider audience.

Marketing Help

You have unique opportunities to promote your business. We have ‘WOBS Wednesday’ between 10am and 1pm and 6pm - 8pm every Wednesday; the chance for you to share your promotions, offers, events and blogs in the group - really giving you the opportunity to let others know all about you and your business. Plus the WOBS business directory listing.


WOBS Online gives you the chance to network with other likeminded businesswomen. You can build your list of contacts, find other WOBS members near you, share your offers and potentially find your next JV partners.

Huge Support

WOBS Online is a safe non-judgemental space for women to nurture and empower each other. If you have a question in business, need help with your work/life balance or are just having an ‘off’ day, WOBS members are here to help support you.

Answers = Growth

Whatever stage you are in your business, you wont have all the  answers - I bet you have lots of questions tho! In WOBS Online there is always support and help. No questions is silly or too small. When you ask, others get the opportunity to shine and we all learn,


Finally, let’s not forget the training opportunities you get with WOBS. You have the chance to interact with, and advice from, experts in various niches – from social media gurus, right through to graphic designers!

Join now and start to ask any question standing between you and your business and personal growth.

No catches - just a room full of women like you.

I very much look forward to supporting you as you develop more confidence, more self-belief and more skills to grow your business and be happier in your life.

​Claire Godwin

Founder Women on The Business Stage