Female business owner / entrepreneur ready to grow your business?

WOBS® Plus Coaching and Mentoring provides you with weekly goal setting and accountability calls plus a library of business and personal development training videos.

Limited Places Available £30 per month - no sign up

Who would benefit most from WOBS+Coaching and Mentoring?

You must be ready for support and to take action

​Yes, like most of us, you will have periods of in-action but its quite likely at those times there is plenty of 'thinking action' ​going on and it's usually at 4 am ... ?! 

AT these times it's often THE most vital times to have support as you weave your way forwards.

    • You if you are having some success in your business and you now want  more consistent results
    • ​You if you are feeling like you have hit the ceiling of change and find yourself stuck moving forwards
    • You if you need a regular motivation and accountability jolt -  to take the more consistent actions that lead to more consistent results
    • You know that to get different results you need to change but you don't know how?

    You need to be far more effective?

    • You find yourself struggling to keep focus at times
    • Your confidence and self-belief goes AWOL - just when you need it most?!
    • You sometimes need a gentle nudge (or something firmer) as you get braver, and more  visible - breaking out of that old comfort zone can be very scary
    • You want to be part of a group of inspirational women (small in numbers not in ideas, influence or potential!) - who are living life their way on their rules

    I would like to send a shout out thank you to Claire for her guidance today in our coaching call. I have so much more clarity now, as you rightly said the ideas were in my head they needed to be pried out. So pleased I attended the call today. Lots of ideas to work with now. Thank you again x

    Misbah Kahn

    You would like ...

    • To have regular calls with  an experienced business, life and leadership coach and mentor
    • To be challenged and kept accountable with regular coaching calls and safe small members forum
    • To tap into the support of other women like you, who are living life their way on their terms - tapping into each other. Your very own mastermind group
    • To have a safe space (WOBS Plus has limited numbers) where you can test out ideas until you are ready to share them

    I wanted to focus my business back where I wanted it to go and I and couldn’t think of a better place to go for support and guidance than Claire Godwin and and WOBS.

    Corrine Thomas

    What do you get?

    You want to see it all laid out in a table? 



    £30 per month 

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    Promote your Events in both FB groups

    Utilise Facebook Live to ask questions etc

    Opportunity to have blog featured

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    Opportunity to be a "Member in the Spotlight"

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