Not again!” I muttered under by breath – a panel of all male speakers at an event, with not a woman in sight!

This was 2011 and I found myself getting quite irritated with the speakers when in fact, I was irritated with myself for having the skills and experience to do something about this, (after all I had been coaching people to have the confidence, self-belief and the skills to speak-up for years) and anyway how often did I voulnteer to speak?! 

After hanging my head in shame, I put my money (or my energy!) where my mouth was, and founded WOBS. WOBS? stands for Women On the Business Stage. 

Over the past 5 years WOBS has evolved into much more than the confidence and skills to speak in public; we now have on and off-line mentoring and coaching / masterminding programmes for women in business to have the confidence, beliefs, skills and mega support to grow their business (and lives).

“I set up WOBS Online so that ALL women in business (or women who want to be in business) have a place where you can ask questions about your business, maybe something you are stuck with and don’t want to share in the main social media areas, somewhere we can support each other to build on current skill base, tools and knowledge and a place we can give support and confidence.

I have been lucky to have been able to access some very high quality and high value business and personal mentoring over the past 20 years and I know not everyone is able to access such resources … I would like to share as much as I can here with you and that way I also get to continue to learn and develop as you ask questions within the group”

Here is a taste of the questions that have been posted and answered recently ...

    • Any advice on how to market my business venture
    • I have made a short 3min intro video and trying to post it on youtube, but when uploading it and says 293min left. I have just done the video with the camera on my laptop, should I convert the video first would that make it quicker to upload?
    • Would love a bit of outside my head input. Working on my new lead magnet training! Would love to know your views on the title / arrangement …
    • WORDPRESS tutorials: Can you suggest any other things you might like to see demonstrated in a series of tutorial videos?
    • Does anyone know how to enable the review system on FB? I can’t see how to switch it on and I have someone ready to write me a review!
    • I’ve just found out that someone has stolen my idea …  how can I stop them?
    • For any of you who have run events/masterclasses/workshops what are the key elements of your T&C’s for the day. I have photo/video release – anything else?
    • Does anyone know how to put a ‘contact me’ form on Facebook please?
    • I’m looking for recommendations for a good free application to receive news and blog feeds. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    • QUESTION…about Direct Mail campaign postage costs.
    • Does anyone know of a word press web designer who is reasonably priced.
    • I can get a bit stuck in terms of who I am talking to in respect of copy etc – any thoughts?
    • Has anyone here been to any of the 4Networking groups?
    • Membership sites and membership options – adviece please
    • Using boost facilities on facebook for business pages
    • Anyone used dropbox and how do I set up a free dropbox account
    • How do people get speaking gigs
    • Thinking of joining LinkedIn – does anyone have any hints or tips for me please x Many thanks x
    • Help with Aweber sign up etc
    • Logo advice
    • Can anyone recommend good and easy to use short video editing software?

Join us now and ask any question standing between you and your business and personal growth.

No catches - just a room full of women like you.

WOBS Mission … is to support women to achieve their potential in business, politics and society by minimising and eliminating the barriers they face and by creating and maintaining a safe non-judgemental space for women to nurture and empower each other.

“When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life” Kofi Annan