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Life Coach

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Best Life Coaching
I help women discover what’s inside themselves so they can create more passion, meaning and connection into their lives.

I help women that feel disconnected and unfulfilled really rediscover what lights them up. They create a life they want and love. Through my positivity and unyielding belief these women become confident and excited about their lives. I offer one to one, group coaching, talks/workshops and a 6 week course.

Best Life Coaching
RG24 8AQ
Evolve Coaching
Help people using Coaching,NLP, Eft, Hypnosis to improve their confidence and self-esteem.

I am the GTP, how helps people, many professional women to Let Go of Stress and Thrive in the Workplace”. I help them gain confidence and improve their self belief, gain clarity in their lives by understanding the issues and challenges currently preventing them from leading the life they want.
Katy Reed Life Coaching
Transformational Life Coach covering the whole UK for Skype and telephone coaching and face to face sessions in Westerham in Kent and Croydon in Surrey

A Life Coach is someone who aims to empower you to make changes in your life, to achieve and exceed your goals in both your personal or professional life. This could include excelling within your workplace, achieving your ambitions or becoming happy and fulfilled at home.
Coaching comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for carriage. Life coaching is about a journey to transport you from the place you are now in your life to the place you want to be.
You may wish to be coached on just one area of your life, or you may have many areas that you would like to improve.
This is a list of just some of the reasons you may wish to speak to a Life Coach.
• Career change
• Promotion
• Starting a business
• Getting fit
• Healthy living
• Training for a marathon
• Reduce stress
• Improve skills
• Clearing clutter
• Work/life balance
• Boost self esteem
• Improve confidence
• Relationship issues
• Time management
• Business improvements
07960 591120
Life Changing Mentor to Women who have experienced life trauma.

Life changing mentor, mediator and teacher. I’ve created a powerful healing practice called Escapeology to empower women who have experienced a life trauma e.g. domestic abuse, bullying to uncover the person inside and learn to live and love as their true self.

07771 982305
Smart Woman Academy
Life Purpose coach supporting service-based female entrepreneurs in the lives and business

I’m Karen Edgar, a qualified personal and business coach and a leading Life Purpose coach and I’ve been exactly where you’re standing. I’m passionate about helping women get clear on who they are and what they want. Why they are here and how to make the best of this one life we have. I love working with life purpose – if you cut me open you like a stick of rock you would see life purpose running through me. I support the women who support others in their life purpose – the coaches, the mentors, the consultants. Those who are making a difference in the world. Because that’s why I think we are here.

I founded my business Smart Woman Academy – because I believe it is a smart woman who realising that her life is not working how she would like, takes action and changes it, so that she is making an impact in the world serving others and fulfilling her calling in the vehicle of her business. That business is service-based and I particularly work with coaches, consultants and therapists.
CV32 7SA
Leamington Spa
The Coaching Works (UK) Ltd
Leadership and Soft Skills Coach | SDI Facilitator | NLP Trainer | WOBS Founder | Equality

Coach and mentor to leaders, emerging leaders and staff teams mainly within the Public Sector, Social Housing, Health and Social Care and 3rd Sector.

Coach and Mentor to female entrepreneurs ‘difference makers’​ – those who have a passion to make a difference in the world.

Supporting busy leaders to manage (not avoid) and motivate teams by developing new strategies and approaches.

My approach to business is practical and down to earth, helping you focus on business outcomes, and what’s going on in your head!

We can all spend hours and hours on Google finding out how to do something and yet find ourselves weeks later still not having moved forwards very much (nodding here?!)

This can be really disheartening.

When I work with you we not only focus on the outside – the tasks etc., we also work on the ‘inner game’ – your inner world; developing a “mind-set for success”.

I am very effective at getting beneath what holds you back from “going for it”; combining my analytical skills (some may call me a bit geeky!)  with massive support and belief in your business and goals – I really want to ensure all my clients are supported and developed to achieve their potential.

As I mentioned above, my experience has shown me that a client’s mind-set is equally important, if not more, than business tools and models, and I have invested considerably in my skills as a coach and mentor to ensure that I achieve solid results that stick around!

Having had my own challenges with public speaking; I am expert at audience engagement and  drawing out the “inner speaker” in every business owner and leader;  I really don’t give much of a monkey how much you ‘um and ah’ what’s  more important is that you get your message out there to share with potential client, groups and teams.

I guess it’s like buy one get one free with me – you get me as a mentor combined with me as an expert at drawing out you and your business message!

Relevant Qualifications:

Advanced Diploma in Coaching
Master Practitioner
Certified Trainer of NLP
Chartered Member of the CIPD.
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Qualified Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)
“Clean Language” Facilitator

Leadership and Team Performance
Women On the Business Stage
po7 6lh
Whole Woman
I’m an Astrologer & Life Coach with a passion for supporting women find their bigger picture!

Astrology is not a belief system; it is the language of the energetic interplay between universal energy and human beings, between our inner life and external world. It supports your growth in consciousness, self understanding and love by providing a blueprint of current energy patterns, challenge and opportunities. Exploring these universal themes provides insight for your growth and fulfilment, revealing the focus and learning in all areas of your life. Seeing your bigger picture enables conscious choice. Conscious choice ignites creative potential and empowerment. Whole Woman facilitator, Cassandra Eve’s journey of evolution through many major life transitions enables a powerfully deep space to support your life’s fullest potential.

Whole Woman website
07794 507076