Your Product & Services “Staircase”

From “Freebie List Builders” to your High End

This training video, is a recording of a business training webinar which looks at the products and services you offer, from low to high.

Do you have a list building freebie (do you have ‘a list’?), do you have a range of products/services which make it clear how your ideal clients can buy from you?

It’s an ideal refresher for some of you and for others a totally new concept

  • Why have a business model
  • The framework for you to use
  • The options – you choose!

Here is a Handout – Your Business Model Low to High you can use to make notes, jot down ideas as you watch and listen.

As always do post in the WOBS Plus forum with questions and test out ideas of packages and offers etc :-)

As this was part of a webinar series, there is a little pre-amble – starts at approx. 5mins 20 secs.